20’s Skin Care Guide

20s skin care

Dr. Lancer’s Skin Care Regimen for 20-Somethings: Focus on Prevention

For those in their 20s, Dr. Lancer recommends a skincare regimen with a strong emphasis on prevention. The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that 23% of “lifetime exposure” (sun damage) occurs before a person is 18 and another 46% occurs between 19-40 years of age. So, now is the time to cultivate good skin health habits and to find the right care regimen for you.

Skincare should be simple, fast, preventative, and, most of all, effective. During your 20s, your primary skincare concerns may be managing acne or occasional breakouts, while simultaneously trying to prevent your mother’s wrinkles from forming on your forehead. While genetics, diet, medications, makeup, stress, and exercise all play a role in the condition of your skin, a premium skincare regimen can manage your breakouts and prevent signs of aging at the same time.

For this dual skin concern, Dr. Lancer recommends The Lancer Method: Blemish Control products. The Lancer Method: Blemish Control is a daily 3-step system that offers polishing, cleansing, and nourishing to achieve and maintain your skin’s healthy glow. To make sure that your young, beautiful skin stays protected, complete the regimen—and reapply often—with Lancer Sheer Fluid Sun Shield SPF 30.

Sun damage can cause skin cancer, wrinkles, age spots, and overall aging to the appearance and health of your skin. While practical behaviors—like wearing a hat to shade your face—are excellent, complete avoidance of the sun is unrealistic. And, it can be hard to remember a cloudy day can cause just as much damage as a bright, sunny one. Whether you are enjoying an afternoon outside with friends or simply running errands around town, Lancer Sheer Fluid Sun Shield SPF 30 gives you weightless, non-greasy, UVA/UVB protection. It’s also a phenomenal makeup primer, encouraging flawless application of your favorite foundation.

The surest way to show the world the most enchanting version of yourself is by making sure your skin is even, bright, and healthy. The same goes for your lips. When you want to define lip contours, smooth out the appearance of vertical lip lines, and provide hydration for visible fullness and a glossy sheen, Dr. Lancer recommends his Volume Enhancing Lip Serum, to rejuvenate your lips and create a plump, lush smile.

Dr. Lancer’s Skincare Philosophy

Dr. Lancer is the leading dermatologist in Beverly Hills with a full roster of celebrity clients. He’s been researching and designing top-of-the-line skincare products for over three decades. Deriving many products from the medical procedures he performs in the Lancer Dermatology Clinic, he continually researches the best new ingredients and innovations to bring new products to market. The product goals are simple: to provide the best, most effective solutions to each specific skin concern.