30’s Skin Care Guide

30s Skin Care

Dr. Lancer’s Skincare Regimen for 30-Somethings

In your 30s, your skin might appear duller than it once did, and you may notice fine lines around your lips, forehead, or eyes. The cell cycle naturally slows in your late 20s, and the effects of that decline slowly begin to appear. Your skincare routine should be both preventative and active, treating existing problems and protecting against any new ones. While you may have already developed good skin maintenance habits in your 20s, and you are still young, your skin will become less efficient in your 30s. Now is the time to shift to a skincare routine that will stimulate your skin to continue cellular regeneration.

To combat these small signs of aging and to keep your skin looking fresh, Dr. Lancer recommends The Lancer Method, a 3-step system that gently polishes dead skin cells away, utilizing finely milled quartz crystals to smooth the surface of your skin so that the pH-balanced cleanser is optimally effective and the moisturizer can deliver nourishing anti-aging nutrients, including nasturtium flower extract and red grape antioxidants, to your skin.

One of the most missed opportunities in one’s anti-aging skincare routine is not putting on sunscreen. Though the wisdom of sunscreen is common knowledge, many people do not include this in their daily routine due to the unpleasant heavy or greasy feeling that many sunscreens create or because sunscreen may interfere with makeup application. Fortunately, Dr. Lancer’s weightless Sheer Fluid Sun Shield SPF 30 serves as both makeup primer and protection from the sun, making it ideal to incorporate into your daily routine.

Dr. Lancer recognizes that truly powerful skincare focuses on nourishment inside and out. A diet full of nutrient-rich foods is important for your overall health and appearance. But, despite your best health efforts, your skin may already show dullness, discoloration, or enlarged pores. When you are looking for show-stopping results, Dr. Lancer’s moisturizing Retexturizing Treatment, with 10% glycolic acid, provides dramatic exfoliation to reveal bright new skin and significantly smoother texture. To take your skin to the next level, add the silky Advanced C Radiance Treatment, formulated to brighten skin tone and reduce the appearance of UV damage with retinol and 10% vitamin C.

The thinnest skin on the face is near the eyes and lips, which means that these places are most susceptible to showing signs of aging sooner than other areas of your body. Dr. Lancer’s Eye Contour Lifting Cream with Diamond Powder and Volume Enhancing Lip Serum effectively treat signs of aging in these areas with powerful and targeted formulas.

Dr. Lancer’s Product Philosophy

Dr. Lancer is the leading dermatologist in Beverly Hills with a full roster of celebrity clients. He’s been researching and designing top-of-the-line skincare products for over three decades. Deriving many products from the medical procedures he performs in the Lancer Dermatology Clinic, he continually researches the best new ingredients and innovations to bring new products to market. The product goals are simple: to provide the best, most effective solutions to each specific skin concern.