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December 21, 2015

How to Prep Your Skin for Winter – Infographic

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December 17, 2015

Lancer Skincare Throwback Thursday (#tbt)

While every day is a great day for healthy skin, Thursday is becoming one of our favorites. The hashtag #ThrowbackThursday, or #tbt, has allowed everyone to post a favorite memory on social media. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that at Lancer...

December 14, 2015

Recipes That Are Delicious and Amazing for Your Skin

Do you ever notice how you feel after eating certain foods? Take coffee or sugar, for example—you get a quick energy boost, followed by fatigue. You may also notice that in weeks where your caffeine or sugar intake is especially high, your skin may...

November 13, 2015

Machine-Based Dermatology Treatments You May Know About and Love

When it comes to machine-based dermatology treatments, the most common machine that comes to mind is one with a laser. Laser removal has become the preferred treatment when it comes to making unwanted tattoos, hair, or veins disappear, and has expand...

October 29, 2015

Best Anti-Aging Products for Oily Skin

Your body produces sebum, the body’s natural oil, in order to keep skin healthy; however, sebum production can go into overdrive. The cause of oily skin is actually irritation, which stimulates the nerve endings as the base of your pores, resulting...

October 27, 2015

What is the Best Anti-Aging Face Exfoliant?

An exfoliant, or polish as we call it, should instantly make your skin feel silky and smooth. In order to find the right exfoliant for you, you need to understand what types of anti-aging face exfoliants exist and what they should be doing to make yo...

October 22, 2015

Do I Need SPF in the Winter?

Winter is the season that epitomizes what it means to layer clothing: scarves, jackets, hats, earmuffs, and mittens are abundant and, while fashionable, serve the important function of keeping you warm. Many people may also be under the impression th...

October 20, 2015

What is the Best Moisturizer for Dry, Aging Skin?

When dealing with dry skin, we bet that you slather on lotion until your skin looks and feels moisturized. While of course this is the logical thing to do, have you looked at the ingredients in your moisturizer? When nourishing products are well-form...

October 6, 2015

What Does Stress Do to Your Skin and Tips for De-Stressing

Stress can be either mental, emotional, or physical. Your brain interprets your environment, and when you feel psychologically stressed, it’s your brain that activates the fight-or-flight response meant for physical stress. The fight-or-flight resp...

September 29, 2015

Acne Scars and What to Do About Them

You’ve probably been told not to pick your pimples due to the bacteria spreading and potentially causing scarring; however, picking acne also increases inflammation, which plays a key role in how acne scars occur. Inflammatory acne is usually seen ...

September 24, 2015

10 Ways to Age Your Skin Prematurely

We’re sure you’ve heard the saying, “Age is nothing but a number.” The saying gets its positive connotation due to not feeling like the age you’re “supposed to” feel like. Researchers Sergei Scherbov and Warran Sanderson conducted a stu...

September 22, 2015

5 Surprising Things That Are Very Beneficial for Your Skin

With school and work back in session with no vacation plans in sight (until the holidays, perhaps), you may forget how important it is to treat yourself—and your skin. Stress from studying or work may appear in frown lines or wrinkles, and your dai...

September 17, 2015

What is a Medi-spa and is it Safe?

Medical spas, commonly referred to as medi-spas in the skincare industry, is a medical clinic hybrid that also acts as a day spa. The day-spa aspect allows you to go in for a specific treatment like laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, and Botox, a...

September 16, 2015

Why is Exfoliating so Important?

Exfoliating your skin has the immediate result of smoother, glowing skin, and the traditional advice you may have heard regarding exfoliating your skin is to only exfoliate once to twice a week. At Lancer Skincare, we want you to have glowing skin ev...

September 4, 2015

8 Things That Can Be Bad for Your Skin

Skin care is not just about external treatment; rather, your lifestyle affects the way your skin looks just as much as what products you use on it. That’s why we’ve come up with these 8 things that can be bad for your skin. A lot of these can be ...

August 24, 2015

What Is the Best Way to Wash Your Face?

You probably don’t pause and think about how important washing your face is, or how much your skin thanks you for it! When you wash your face, you’re literally washing the day away—this simple act is a chance to clear your pores from any free r...

March 18, 2015

Natural Healing Powers of the Skin

The skin’s incredible ability to heal itself is at the core of The Lancer Method. Rather than relying on invasive measures or miracle ingredients to keep skin looking young, we always recommend the natural route first.  With young skin, cell r...

March 12, 2015

Younger-Approved Recipe: Easy Baked Salmon

For an ultra-easy dinner that’s packed with the kind of healthy omega oils that make skin glow, serve this YOUNGER-approved baked salmon recipe alongside a green salad or steamed veggies. Ingredients: 1 lb. wild-caught salmon 2-3 organic lemons...