Anti-Aging Eye Care: Fix Dark Circles and Treat Crow’s Feet

Anti-Aging Eye Care: Fix Dark Circles and Treat Crow’s Feet
Anti-Aging Eye Care: Fix Dark Circles and Treat Crow’s Feet

Because the skin around the eye is delicate, it is easily susceptible to showing signs of aging. Many clients come in and ask what can be done about dark circles and crow’s feet, so we’ve decided to bring that advice to our blog. But before we get into how to fix dark circles and treat crow’s feet, we need to discuss how they occur.

Crow’s feet can be seen around the corners of your eyes, and are called crow’s feet because of how fine they are and the triangular shape they take, since the eye’s corner is a triangle. These fine lines typically appear around your mid-30s, but can also be noticed during your 20s and 40s. Their appearance makes sense, due to skin’s cell renewal process slowing down as you age, particularly after your 20s. When the skin cell regenerative process slows, the collagen process also slows down. Collagen keeps your skin tight, and when the process slows down or cells are not told to produce more collagen, you will notice fine lines and wrinkles. Crow’s feet can also occur depending on a few external factors, such as how often you smile, squint, or even the position you sleep in, since sleeping can cause skin to crease and become crepey.

Dark circles also have an association with sleep, as they usually appear more prominent when one doesn’t receive enough rest. This isn’t the only cause, however—dark circles can be shadows cast by puffy lids, hollowness that occurs when one ages, thinning of skin that then makes blood vessels more obvious, or may just be a hereditary trait that runs in your family. Another potential cause for dark circles under your eyes may even be due to sun exposure, since the sun signals melanin production, which causes pigmentation.

So, how can you treat this delicate area? The temporary fix is to cover-up these areas with makeup or seek out Botox or other invasive procedures. Before you do that, you should look into finding non-invasive ways that can help you improve these areas.

To begin your anti-aging eye care regimen, you should evaluate some parts of your lifestyle. Consider your sleep position: do you tend to lie on your side or on your belly? That will cause your face to fold into the pillow and put strain on the skin around your eyes. Try to sleep on your back, which doesn’t just benefit your face, but other areas of your body, like the chest, from potential wrinkles. You may also want to consider sleeping with an extra pillow when your eyes are extremely puffy, since elevating your head will get the fluid to move away from your lids.

One of the easiest things you can do to prevent the appearance of crow’s feet and dark circles is to invest in sunglasses. Even when you least expect it, the sun can come out from behind the clouds and cause you to squint, so having a pair of sunglasses on hand will prevent you from being exposed to the sun’s blinding rays.

Puffy eyelids can also contribute to a less than youthful appearance. In order to combat puffiness, make sure that you are adequately hydrated. This means tracking your salt and alcohol intake, as these substances cause water retention and swelling. For every alcoholic beverage you consume, drink a glass of water alongside it. Always make sure to have plenty of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

Anti-Aging Eye Care: Fix Dark Circles and Treat Crow’s Feet
Anti-Aging Eye Care: Fix Dark Circles and Treat Crow’s Feet

And while these solutions can help treat the appearance of crow’s feet and dark circles, you can actually find skincare products concentrated and specifically formulated to deliver anti-aging ingredients to this delicate area. Our Eye Contour Lifting Cream contains a Micro Diffusing Caffeine Peptide (MDCP) Complex a proprietary blend of sheer light diffusers, caffeine-based agents to help the skin look firmer and a powerful anti-aging peptide system. . All you need to do is take your ring finger and gently pat the cream around the eye once or twice daily, and eyes will appear hydrated and refreshed.

As the saying goes, eyes are the window to your soul, and we want to make sure the windows panes are just as beautiful and youthful as you want them to be. Once you try these tips, you’ll discover eyes that look hydrated, instantly younger, and ready to face the world.


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