Dermatology Treatments in Summer

dermatology treatments in summer

When summer arrives, many of us become suddenly aware of our skin’s imperfections. Time in the sun can be unequivocally therapeutic, but it also means more sun damage. Joyful hours in the sunshine can also come with sunspots, dull or uneven skin tone, sagginess, and fine lines and wrinkles. So are there dermatology treatments that allow you to revel in the summer sun and still treat your skin to keep it looking youthful, radiant and healthy all season? Absolutely. Just select a regimen of in-office dermatology treatments that pinpoint and treat the results of UV damage, as well as skincare treatments that treat and protect your skin from further harm. Continue reading “Dermatology Treatments in Summer”

Silhouette InstaLift: A Facelift Without Surgery

Silhouette Instalift

One morning you wake up, look at your reflection, and realize you look older than you feel. You no longer recognize the person gazing back at you. The way your skin is beginning to droop makes you look tired and it doesn’t reflect your youthful personality. You consider whether you’re willing to undergo surgery to repair the damage done by time, gravity, and the sun, but it’s a daunting undertaking. Ultimately, you don’t feel ready to undergo the cost or the time commitment a surgery requires, and the risks of a full surgical facelift aren’t worth it for you. Does this mean you’re out of options?

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What Is Ultherapy?

Non-surgical Ultherapy

Somewhere in our mid-30s or early 40s, we look in the mirror one day and realize our skin looks different than it used to. Over time, skin loses elasticity and collagen, causing the telltale sagging and loose skin that signifies aging. Jawlines loosen, cheeks begin to fall, eyebrows and eyelids droop, and chins start to look weaker than they are. Time and gravity can be cruel, and this loose skin is one of the principal complaints dermatologists see. Yet even those who are most bothered by the touch of time and gravity on their skin are often hesitant to sign up to get poked by needles, injected with fillers and neurotoxins, or go under the knife, fearing the unnatural results and complications that can come with these procedures. So, is there an option that doesn’t require these kinds of invasive treatments?

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What is Endymed?

Endymed Intensif

Spring is on its way, which means we’ll be showing a lot more skin in a matter of weeks. With shorter hemlines, sleeveless silhouettes, deep-V necklines, and bright sunlight on the horizon, you might be looking into ways to make your skin look younger and firmer, even in the harshest lighting. Exercise, a healthy diet, and advanced skincare are all a fantastic start, but sometimes skin needs additional treatments to look revived, refreshed, and its best. For that, you’ll want to head to your dermatologist for the most advanced treatments for improving the way your skin looks and feels.

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What to Expect with Thermiva and PicoWay Treatments

thermiva and picoway treatments

Many women are looking for additional ways to improve the look of the skin all over their bodies. While excellent skincare is a great first step, there are other things to consider. When it comes to skin and tissue damage, as well as permanent marks like tattoos, clients often need to go beyond skincare to see results. Increasingly, patients are seeking procedures to treat issues that may be less conventional, but ultimately make a big difference in how they feel about themselves and how they look.

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Why Dr. Lancer is the Premier Beverly Hills Dermatologist

Why Dr. Lancer is the Premier Beverly Hills Dermatologist
Why Dr. Lancer is the Premier Beverly Hills Dermatologist

Beverly Hills boasts the best of the best. So to be the best Dermatologist in Beverly Hills is provider no easy task. In the Los Angeles area, clients like successful business owners, figures in the entertainment industry, and celebrities, expect the most premium of care and pampering. This means that only a dermatologist with years of experience and a genuine passion for giving his patients the best possible care, attention, and results would be considered the best of the best. Dr. Harold Lancer first established his private practice in Beverly Hills in 1983, and today he treats over 30,000 patients from every corner of the world. While A-listers may explicit trust Dr. Lancer for their Beverly Hills skincare, he’s also committed to making his products and procedures accessible to anyone who wants better, healthier, younger-looking skin. Continue reading “Why Dr. Lancer is the Premier Beverly Hills Dermatologist”

Machine-Based Dermatology Treatments You May Know About and Love

Machine-Based Dermatology Treatments You May Know About and Love
Machine-Based Dermatology Treatments You May Know About and Love

When it comes to machine-based dermatology treatments, the most common machine that comes to mind is one with a laser. Laser removal has become the preferred treatment when it comes to making unwanted tattoos, hair, or veins disappear, and has expanded further into treating (and removing) stretch marks and scars. In fact, you can see how Dr. Lancer used a laser to soften and remove a scar from The Oprah Network’s “Livin’ Lozada” star Evelyn Lozada’s forehead. Continue reading “Machine-Based Dermatology Treatments You May Know About and Love”

Treatment Spotlight: Mia Belle’s Microcurrent


Mia Belle is one of our highly skilled aestheticians who works under the careful direction of Dr. Lancer. She often travels to labs, spas, and research facilities to keep up with the newest and most innovative anti-aging treatments. Our new favorite treatment is Mia’s amazing microcurrent; it works as a stand-alone treatment or an add-on to one of her excellent facials. Painless, downtime-less, and with so many applications, her microcurrent is a true hero treatment here at the office.

Take a look at some of its amazing uses:

  • tightens skin by lifting and toning facial muscles

  • releases collagen growth factors, without causing inflammation

  • helps stimulate lymphatic drainage

  • great for post surgery, or facial trauma

  • acts as an anti-inflammatory and prevents the formation of scar tissue

  • treats acne with certain functions unique to this modality

  • results are comparable is Ulthera and acupuncture

  • can be used by all skin types and ethnicities

Call our office and schedule a session with Mia to try this amazing treatment!

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