Dr. Lancer Devotee: Victoria Beckham


Mogul, mother of four, fashion designer, pop star – how Victoria Beckham has time to look as fabulously flawless as she does is (almost) a mystery to us. Though we’re sure Becks has a bevy of beauty secrets, she has publicly revealed that she’s a devotee of The Lancer Method as well as our Lift Serum Intense and Sheer Fluid Sun Shield. A combination of healthy diet and lifestyle (which you can read about in Dr. Lancer’s anti-aging guide Younger) teamed with a strict adherence to our 3-step skincare Method, has helped the 40 year-old to overcome uneven, acne-prone skin. That radiant, blemish-free glow she now sports? Well, it has us thinking 40 may just be the new 20.

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5 Minutes With… Celebrity Styling Team Wendi & Nicole


Sister styling team Wendi & Nicole Ferreira count beautiful people Elizabeth Banks, Channing Tatum, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson, Jeff Bridges and Octavia Spencer on their roster of red carpet successes. So it’s no suprise that they know a thing or two about looking your best – and that, of course, starts with great skin. Here’s what they had to say about their skincare regimen:

Lancer Skincare: What difference does good skincare make in your line of work?

Wendi & Nicole: We are always on the go, so having good skincare means one less step in the “getting ready” process.

LS: Are there certain skin issues that you find common among clients that need covering up?

W&N: Everybody is different, but we all have something that needs a little covering up.

LS: Do you have a favorite product in the Lancer Skincare range?

W&N: Everything! They work together and compliment each other. If we had to pick one, it’s the Polish! We get excited to use it every time.

LS: Quick glowing skin tip!

W&N: Sleep and strict use of Lancer products.

LS: What is the the most unexpected piece of advice has Dr. Lancer given you?

W&N: Your skin regimen should start at your hairline and extend all the way to the white of your breast.

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5 Minutes With… Celebrity Makeup Artist Kathy Jeung


We have some real luminaries pass through the halls of Lancer Dermatology, and when fashion and celebrity makeup artist Kathy Jeung stops by, it always brightens our day. Kathy has worked with Rita Ora, Rashida Jones, Dita Von Teese, Nichole Sherzinger, Padma Lakshmi and Natasha Bedingfield, not to mention just about every fashion mag out there. The result: an endless knowledge of beauty and skincare, what works…and what doesn’t. Here’s what we learned from her in just 5 minutes:

Lancer Skincare: What difference does good skin care make in your line of work?

Kathy Jeung: For me, proper skin preparation with good skincare is the most important step to a getting a great makeup look. Skin is really the canvas onto which makeup is applied, so how makeup lies on the skin, looks on the face, and its staying power is directly related to products used on the skin beforehand.

LS: Are there certain skin issues that you find common among clients that need covering up?

KJ: Dark circles and puffiness are a common issue. I’ll use Lancer Eye Contour Lifting Cream to reduce swelling and brighten under the eye, allowing me to minimize the amount of cover-up I’ll use to disguise the problem. I really believe that using skincare tailored to skin type or problem is key to help the issue before makeup, rather than using more makeup to cover it up.

Another common problem I encounter year round are dry, dehydrated lips. Same as with skincare, if the lips aren’t prepared for lip products, makeup will work against you and magnify the problem. I like to use a 2-step method of applying a lip ointment followed by a lip balm or salve. If the lips are starting to peel, use a lip scrub and then apply ointment or salve.

LS: Do you have a favorite product in the Lancer Skincare range?

KJ: I love Lancer Fade Serum Intense Brightening Complex

LS: What’s your ultimate glowing skin tip?

KJ: To refresh makeup and give the skin a healthy glow, moisten a BeautyBlender sponge with mineral or spring water spray and dab all over your face. For even more dewiness, rub a small drop of moisturizer between your palms and lightly press into skin along temples, tops of cheekbones and sides of face

LS: What is the most unexpected piece of advice has Dr. Lancer given you?

KJ: I have to thank Dr. Lancer for a key piece of advice he gave me quite a few years ago: apply skin products in thin layers. That completely changed the efficacy of the products I used and maximized their benefits, as opposed to my thinking that piling on more of something was better!

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5 Minutes With… Celebrity Stylist Cristina Ehrlich


One of the most powerful stylists in Hollywood, Cristina Ehrlich dresses established A-listers such as Penelope Cruz and Tina Fey as well as buzzed-about newcomers like Margot Robbie, Allison Brie and Greta Gerwig. Of course, glowing skin is the ultimate red carpet accessory, and Ehrlich is no stranger to the ins and outs of celebrity skincare. She took five minutes out of her stuffed schedule to chat with us:

Lancer Skincare: What difference does good skin care make in your line of work?

Cristina Ehrlich: It’s absolutely everything. Basically what I do, which is to help women get ready for a red carpet, is learning by example. When my clients come into my office I have to be a representation of what I will help them achieve; clients turn to me for advice across the board. There is a dietary aspect to my work as well – understanding the healthy way of getting red carpet-ready, and how that parlays into their physical shape. Most importantly, it comes down to their skin being the essential accessory. So much of what we’re doing is finding the colors that give them that sought after glow. And while many people believe this may be makeup, it is really a combination of healthy, beautiful skin, a beautiful shape, and the perfect color combinations. You see a client numerous times before an event – how they stand, which way they face the camera, how they feel, how they look, and it all starts with caring for their skin and body.

LS: Are there certain skin issues that you find common among clients that need covering up?

CE: The number one thing I have come to see and understand when seeking beauty is the value, the necessity, and the importance of water – for hydration and for energy. We have been taught to treat the symptoms in our life. Tired? Eat sugar, drink coffee. But you have to understand what gives you real energy, what will keep you glowing, that is water. Traveling, moving from location to location, being in filtered air, you need to stay hydrated to look good. It was not until I incorporated this into my own life that I saw how important it was for my clients to follow the same standard of hydration.

LS: Do you have a favorite product in the Lancer Skincare range?

CE: First of all, the Polish has literally changed the texture of my skin. It’s amazing, and I’m addicted. But my absolute favorite, favorite product has to be the Advanced C Radiance Cream. I put it all over my face, neck, chest – it feels like velvet and preps skin perfectly for moisture and SPF. It’s even better than a date with a hot guy!

LS: What’s your best get-glowing-quick tip?

CE: Time in a steam room is incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating for the mind and body, and of course, exercise. SoulCycle and hot yoga are my go-tos. And after all that – sleep and water.

LS: We’ve heard you had an interesting experience with Dr. Lancer that extended beyond mere skincare.

CE: During a routine follow up appointment, he inquired about my marital status and then proceeded to describe the exact type of man that he thought would best suit me, and was dead on. He’s a dermatologist, but his services extend to the mind and body! It was like having a life coach in the room with me. Dr. Lancer is adamant about the connection between your personal wellbeing and the health of your skin. I have never known another dermatologist to care for their patients the way he does.

LS: Why do you think The Method works so well for you?

CE: In general, I tend to be a highly disciplined and routine-oriented person, and Lancer Skincare is the first dermatological experience I’ve had that mimics the discipline I have in my life. Dr. Lancer and his team put me on a regimen perfectly suited to my life that has completely changed my skin for the better.

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Dr. Lancer Devotee: Angela Bassett


Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Angela Bassett has been a Hollywood fixture since the mid-80s, but with her radiant glow, she could easily be mistaken on the red carpet for a fresh-faced newcomer. Besides great genes and a healthy lifestyle (she’s a vegetarian and raw food proponent), the mother-of-two’s anti-aging regimen includes Lancer Skincare products.

“I love the Polish,” says Bassett. “A quick way to rid the face of dead skin cells and reveal the fresh complexion beneath! And the cleanser is delightful. You need such a little amount but feel as if you’ve rinsed away everything you don’t need without stripping the moisture. Smells clean and fresh on top of it.”

“Speaking of moisture,” she goes on to say, “the daily one feels like a treat for your pores along with the Vitamin C and the evening anti-aging formula. I like that they do not leave me oily or greasy.”

If you can believe it, Angela is 55. She doesn’t look a day over 30 to us.

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5 Minutes With… Celebrity Makeup Artist Cathy Highland


One of the most well known makeup artists in Hollywood, Cathy Highland has beautified more A-listers than a nitpicky accountant could keep track of. From Oscar nominees (Glenn Close, Helena Bonham Carter) to supermodels and celebs so beautiful you’d think nothing could be done to make them look any better, Cathy’s been called in to work her makeup magic. She gave us five minutes of her time to talk Hollywood skincare and more:

Lancer Skincare: What difference does good skin care make in your line of work?

Cathy Highland: It makes a huge difference. Good skin you cannot fake. As makeup artists we can paint on the pretty, but you cannot fake [skin] texture or pore size, and with everything being high def now you really don’t want to have to pile on loads of foundation to cover pigmentation either.  [Pigmentation] is another difficult dilemma, especially on male clients going to red carpet events. Most men don’t want to wear a lot of makeup and I agree, less is more especially on men, but if they have heavy pigmentation and it photographs in a really unflattering way…one has no choice but to apply a more full coverage foundation.

LS: Are there certain skin issues that you find common among clients that need covering up?

CH: I would say spots, sun damage and acne scars are the most common.

LS: Do you have a favorite product in the Lancer Skincare range?

CH: That is a hard one! There are so many, but probably the Polish if I had to choose one. Wait…the sunscreen…and the Blemish Control cleanser, moisturizer and eye treatment! I cannot pick one!

LS: What’s your quickest glowing skin tip!

CH: Polish every day like I have been taught through Dr. Lancer’s office – he’s right! Initially, I couldn’t imagine [exfoliating] daily, but the formulation is so unique, in that it is aggressive in removing the dead layers of the skin, making it radiant. My facialist has encouraged me to be really good about target areas [when polishing] – talk about glow to the skin.

On a side note, both of my older sisters experienced bad rosacea when they went through menopause and they both are on a prescription medication to clear it up.  I was suffering from what I thought were breakouts and going through hormone changes, but Dr. Lancer explained that it was rosacea. I had already drastically changed my diet, almost exactly as Dr. Lancer recommends…but when I went to Dr. Lancer about my breakouts, he had me start on his Blemish Control line which was in development at the time. It was miraculous. My skin cleared up and I have never had a problem since. I swear by it! See, I really cannot choose one product! It is from my own personal experience for many years of using the Lancer line, even as he was developing it, that I have no problem suggesting it to my clients. I am not a salesperson; I never try and sell a client on anything, but you don’t have to with Dr. Lancer’s line…results sell.

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Lancer Devotee: Maggie Q

For those of you who are familiar with the beautiful Maggie Q, it should come as no surprise that her #1 skincare secret is the Lancer line.  For those of you who don’t know her striking face, allow us to introduce you.


A former model, Maggie Q is now best-known for her role in the CW’s Nikita, where she plays a hard-hitting assassin, and her upcoming part in the film adaptation of Veronica Roth’s best-selling novel, Divergent.  Physical stunts aside, it is impossible not to notice Maggie’s radiant beauty and glowing skin when she’s on screen. A Lancer devotee, here’s what she has to say about her experience with Dr. Lancer and The Method:

“First off, it’s impossible not to love Dr Lancer as a person. He’s a constant and a joy for me. His expertise is a whole other deal. I initially went to Dr Lancer for a skin allergy – nothing to do with beauty. Although it was then that the door to the beauty potential was opened. I trust him because he didn’t get into this [industry] for the reason he is famous today. His beginnings were simple and his intention was motivated by love for what the profession could bring; how it can heal, and change people’s lives for the better. He’s evolved since then, but when I’m treated by him my experience is still the man who is excited about science and discovery. He is extensive in his research and testing before he treats his patients.

And now he has a line of products and method designed to support his work at home.

I’m proud to know him. And grateful he still fits me in. HA! :)”