Dr Lancer’s Skin Reality Complexion Changes During the Pandemic

Complexion Changes During the Pandemic

When the pandemic first started, it felt like we were in a movie. The circumstances just didn’t seem real. People were rushing to the store to stock up on groceries. Women were fighting over toilet paper. Nobody went outside unless it was urgent.

We eventually learned how to protect ourselves by wearing masks, washing our hands and getting the vaccine, but the stress of the pandemic hasn’t gone away. It may have faded somewhat as we’ve learned to live with it, but our stress is still very apparent.

With this added level of stress and anxiety, skin and normal body function began to alter for most people. Stress influences how we look and feel and can make our appearance suffer if we’re not careful. Stress can cause acne, skin dryness and dullness, bags under your eyes, wrinkles and gray hair. Stress can also change our normal lifestyle. Maybe we’re too stressed and overworked to eat a proper meal. Maybe we’re eating too much. Whatever it is, stress is altering our eating habits, which ultimately effects our appearance.

Take a look at your skin now. Your skin color, texture, pore size, elasticity, inflammation, oil production, dryness, and firmness might be changing because of what’s happening in the world today. Those worry lines on your forehead might be deeper, the texture of your skin might feel rough after excessive smoking for months out of stress, and your skin might be dry from neglect.

Even without the pandemic, there is always something causing us to stress out. Think about your last vacation. You might have been excited the days leading up to it, but also a bit stressed about getting everything together before you go. Then you’re on vacation, but your mind lingers to the work that awaits you when you’re back. So, you’re never really on vacation – you’re never really able to relax and enjoy the present.

To keep your stress level and skin in check, you need to evaluate how you feel on a daily basis. Because how you feel on the inside, influences how you look on the outside. When I speak to patients about this, I recommend taking 3 deep breaths every hour or so and deciding what needs to be taken care of now vs. what can wait. It’s important to keep organized and stay aware of your well being, especially during this time.

For skincare, The Method 3 Step System is the key to maintaining beautiful, healthy skin. If you don’t have a lot of time in the morning and can’t get in additional products, The Method is all you need to start that transformation and rejuvenate your skin. This powerful system exfoliates, cleanses and provides the hydration your skin needs to stay fresh and balanced.

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