Do It Yourself Coffee Facial Scrub – Do or Don’t?

Many people have gotten creative with their exfoliation, experimenting with coffee grounds and other substances with a similar texture. While the texture of coffee grounds may feel similar to a facial scrub, Dr. Lancer recommends steering clear from using it for exfoliation purposes. Depending on the size of the ground, and other factors, coffee facial scrubs could potentially cause cuts and bruising to the skin, as well as discoloration and streaks.

To keep skin looking fresh and even toned, Dr. Lancer recommends these three effective treatments to exfoliate the skin:

  • The Method: Polish Normal-Combination Skin – a daily exfoliator that removes dry, dull skin cells, leaving you with a fresh, radiant complexion. Polish contains Quartz Crystals, Pumpkin and Pomegranate Enzymes, all powerful ingredients that work together to brighten and even the skin’s complexion in a safe and effective manner. In particular, Quartz Crystals are known to be uniform in size and shape and will exfoliate without abrading the skin.
  • The Method: Body Polish – For those who wish to exfoliate from head to toe, here’s the product for you. The warming daily exfoliator contains Quartz Crystals, Bamboo Stem Powder and chemical exfoliants such as Salicylic Acid and Retinol. These key ingredients remove dead skin cells, allowing new skin to the surface. Shea Butter is also included to balance the exfoliants, giving the product a silky rich texture.
  • Pro Polish Microdermabrasion Device – A handheld microdermabrasion device to use in the comfort of your own home. This device was inspired by the microdermabrasion equipment at Lancer Dermatology and was designed to exfoliate the face and body with three different suction settings. By exfoliating the surface of the skin, this product helps speed up cell turnover, giving you a renewed, rejuvenated complexion.