Dr. Harold Lancer Receives the Beauty Enhancement Award

Beauty Enhancement Award

Dr. Harold Lancer was pleased to receive the “Beauty Enhancement Award” at the third annual Hollywood Beauty Awards on February 19th for his work as a world-renowned dermatologist to the stars. As the Hollywood Beauty Awards noted, Dr. Lancer has had the pleasure of working with many high-profile celebrities who sing his praises. His three decade long commitment to helping patients achieve radiant, youthful-looking skin is legendary in the industry and ultimately earned him this accolade.

The Hollywood Beauty Awards were founded by LATF USA in order to recognize the unsung heroes in the beauty industry—the dermatologists, makeup artists, hairstylists, fashion stylists, and photographers that create lasting Hollywood looks we seek to imitate year after year. Red carpet looks often set the style for the rest of us, and fashion icons are born on those carpets time and again.

Celebrities rely on beauty industry experts to help them look their best and achieve memorable looks for awards season, editorial photo-shoots, public appearances, and beyond. This star-studded ceremony and dinner gala—which benefits the M•A•C AIDS Fund—was created to venerate the experts who design and create these unforgettable looks. Of course, the canvas upon which other beauty experts rely is Dr. Lancer’s specialty—glowing skin that appears firm and young. Dr. Lancer helps create flawless-looking skin for every patient he works with, which is why he’s been presented with this distinction.

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The “Beauty Enhancement Award” is particularly meaningful to Dr. Lancer as his interest in beautiful, healthy-looking skin grew from an accident in his childhood that resulted in severe burns over 10% of his body. Even at such a young age, Dr. Lancer learned that restoration of the skin is vital to skin’s health and beauty. His Ivy league education and impressive medical career helped Dr. Lancer amass the kind of knowledge that helps him transform his clients’ skin. The combination of in-office procedures and The Lancer Method, based on his incredible anti-aging Lancer Skincare line, produce winning results not just for him, but for his clients’ skin, too.

Dr. Lancer commented on his success, saying, “I’m thrilled to have been honored at The Hollywood Beauty Awards. My patients are always my first priority and I’m passionate about changing the way people think about their skin. The Lancer brand is going from strength to strength and I’m proud to say that you haven’t even seen the best of it yet. I’m very excited to continue to develop the brand and my practice in 2017 and I am humbled by being awarded with The Beauty Enhancement Award.”


The acknowledgement of Dr. Lancer’s achievements at this all-star event by fellow beauty industry experts who understand the expertise, creativity, and delicacy of behind-the-scenes beauty work was a privilege. Dr. Lancer accepted the honor with deepest thanks to all the patients who make his work rewarding every day.