Fact or Fiction – Does Hot Water Clean Skin Better

When we wash our face, our natural instinct is to use warm or hot water. The temperature is just right and overall, it feels good. But does hot water clean the skin better? It’s an interesting question – but the answer is no. Many are unaware of this, but hot water can actually damage the skin, causing excess blood vessels to form and even increasing pore size. So overall, hot water might do the opposite of what some are expecting.

It’s recommended that you use lukewarm water and one of Dr. Lancer’s cleansers to clean the skin efficiently. Here are the cleansers we recommend to keep skin looking its best:

  • The Method: Cleanse Normal-Combination Skin – Our normal combination cleanser gently removes skin impurities with Rice Silk Proteins, Amino Acids, and Aloe Extract. Salicylic Acid specifically removes those dry surface cells, giving you a healthier complexion if used consistently.
  • The Method: Cleanse Sensitive-Dehydrated Skin – If your skin needs some extra hydration, this is the cleanser for you. Our cleanser contains Amino Acids and Lavender Oil, two important ingredients for cleaning the skin and keeping it balanced and hydrated. Cleanse Sensitive-Dehydrated Skin also has Oat Extract, Coconut Oil and Licorice Phytocompounds, all powerful ingredients for reducing any skin irritation or redness.
  • The Method: Cleanse Oily-Congested Skin – A cleanser for oily prone skin. The cleanser contains jojoba beads, Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil and Lilac Stem Cell Compound, ingredients key to washing away skin impurities while managing excess oil and unclogging pores simultaneously. Tea Tree Oil specifically helps combat oiliness and soothe skin.