Fact or Fiction – Sunscreen Contouring Do or Don’t?

You might have already heard of an ill-advised “contouring” technique known as Sunscreen Contouring. It’s a new trend amongst some to contour their faces by placing sunscreen only on certain areas of the skin, leaving a portion of the face unprotected and able to tan – or burn, as you might say! While it’s definitely an interesting idea, Dr. Lancer recommends that we put this fad to rest and use sunscreen the way it’s intended to be used. Sunscreen protects us from those harmful UV rays, reduces environmental toxins and is known to be our skin’s best protection. It’s important to know that this method of contouring isn’t helping your skin in any way. Instead, it’s speeding up skin aging and taking a risk of potentially getting skin cancer, if out in the sun often.

To keep skin protected and in the best condition possible, Dr. Lancer recommends using Sheer Fluid Sun Shield, a Broad Spectrum SPF30 sunscreen. It should be used on the entire face to fully protect the skin from sun damage and prevent hyperpigmentation. Sun Shield also delivers anti-aging ingredients to help the skin look and feel more youthful and is unique as it’s a non-greasy, lightweight product that gently glides onto the skin.

To use, simply apply the sunscreen after The Method. Gently massage it into the skin, starting from the center out. Apply it before your outing and make sure to reapply every 2 hours, to fully protect your skin.