Happy Holidays from Dr. Lancer!

Happy Holidays from Lancer Skincare

Happy Holidays from Dr. Lancer

As the holidays are approaching, I wanted to personally extend my warm wishes and gratitude for another year with you all.

Time has truly flown by! I can’t believe we are nearing 40 years of the Lancer Dermatology practice and 10 years since the launch of our world-renowned The Lancer Method. I am honored and privileged to hear and see the results Lancer Skincare have given you, helping you achieve your best skin. It’s my life’s work and mission and I am dedicated to you all today, just like I was on day one. In the new year and beyond, I look forward to continuing my work of bringing innovative and efficacious skincare to the market and keeping all of you in mind along  the way.

I hope you have an amazing and fulfilling holiday season with your loved ones. Until next time, happy holidays and happy new year!


Dr. Harold Lancer