How to Care for Elbows, Knees & Heels


You know the feeling – you slick on moisturizer from head to toe, only to catch a glimpse of an elbow, knee, heel or other problem spot that still looks dry, flaky and discolored. The thicker skin on elbows, knees and heels often requires more care than other parts of the body due to the sheer amount of use we put these areas through – and the extra skin they have in order to bend and flex. Here are three ways to combat unsighlty elbows, knees and heels.

Start with Daily Use of The Body Method. Our new Method for Body is an advanced anti-aging solution that adapts Dr. Lancer’s groundbreaking anti-aging method of skincare to the body and works especially well on extra dry areas such as elbows, knees and heels. If you want to whip problem areas into shape, your first line of defense is a daily regimen of this 3-step Method. Using pure quartz crystals, our self-warming Body Polish exfoliates the skin and infuses it with oxygen and nutrients and readys it to receive additional treatments and benefits. Follow Body Polish with Body Cleanse to sweep away dead skin cells post-exfoliation. Body Cleanse helps to open pores and detoxify the skin while also balancing its pH levels. Finish with Body Nourish to lock in moisture and speed up cell turnover so these areas never look flaky and dull again.

Take a Collodial Oatmeal Bath. If the skin in these areas is particularly hard and – worse – itchy, soothe and soften it with a collodial oatmeal bath. Fill the bath with warm (not hot) water, slowly pour collodial oatmeal (which you can buy pre-made) into the stream of water coming from the faucet to disperse it evenly throughout the bath water and soak for 15 minutes. Follow this with the 3-step Body Method for best results.

Try an Exilis Treatment. If your elbows, knees or heels are seriously dry and need more TLC than an at-home regimen offers, try an in-office treatment such as Exilis to help restore the skin back to its original state. A popular treatment in our Beverly Hills office, “the deeply penetrating radio wave pulses of Exilis effectively penetrate deeper folds of skin and flexural areas of the body, greatly improving texture,” says Dr. Lancer. Once you’ve set the course of a healing path, keep it going at home with daily use of Body Polish, Cleanse and Nourish.

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