Lancer Skincare Throwback Thursday (#tbt) Video Edition

Dr. Lancer has been known as the dermatologist to the stars for the last 30 years. With celebrities ranging from the silver screen to television to radio, there are tons of red carpets and events to go to that involve a camera. Even an outing to the gym or to grab a bite to eat could be caught on camera, and that picture could be shared over and over again. This is just one reason why celebrities need their skin to look camera-ready at all times.

So for this Throwback Thursday, we decided to highlight some of the camera-ready (in this case, a video/movie camera) moments that Lancer Skincare has experienced. Whether it’s giving advice on television or discussing skincare with a client, Dr. Lancer is ready to help anyone work towards healthy, fresh-looking skin!

Let’s begin with a celebrity whose career began in front of a camera. Kim Kardashian has been a longtime Dr. Lancer devotee, and in this clip from the famous E! News show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kim visits Dr. Lancer to find out about some red spots appearing on her leg. Find out what it really is, and what advice Dr. Lancer offers Kim to help her control her skin condition.

Another celebrity client that discussed her skincare on camera is actress and former model Denise Richards. She hosted an E! News special in 2011 called “Denise for a Day,” and introduced Dr. Lancer as the dermatologist that makes her skin look and feel great. Dr. Lancer discussed Denise’s favorite facial, which is the Signature Placenta Facial, that cleanses, steams, and nourishes skin with protein-filled serums, a mask, and anti-aging products. Dr. Lancer also shares some skincare tips for you to follow every day!

One skin problem many people deal with is stretch marks. Dr. Lancer visited CBS’ “The Doctors” in 2009 to discuss how stretch marks may be treated. Do you think aloe, olive oil, and cocoa butter are the solution to avoid stretch marks? Since they may resemble a scar, Dr. Lancer actually recommends applying a form of retinol once or twice daily for a month in order to help speed cell turnover, which will help with repairing the skin and potentially fading or removing the scar. Watch below to find out more information (including results of successful treatment), as well as what you should do after your retinol treatment.

Rachel Talbott is a skincare specialist and fashion and beauty blogger/YouTube vlogger, meaning she creates videos that discuss everything from fashion to skincare to her personal life. In this video from 2012, Rachel updates her followers on what her skincare routine is, especially since her skin tends to look dull after using some of the same products after a while. Leading into her video, Rachel mentions that she actually visited Dr. Lancer’s office to discuss her skin with him, and as part of her evening skincare routine, Rachel uses The Lancer Method’s Polish! She describes our Polish as really grainy (which she enjoys), and that is because it includes quartz and sodium bicarbonate crystals that are uniform in size and shape so that you can experience even exfoliation. Find out what else Rachel uses in her skincare routines below, then follow-up by watching her office visit with Dr. Lancer.

And Rachel’s video leads perfectly into our last #tbt video! One of our beautiful patients, Erika, demonstrates how easy it is to get ready for the day using The Lancer Method’s 3 steps of Polish, Cleanse, and Nourish alongside some products from our Advanced Treatments, including our Advanced C Radiance Cream, Eye Contour Lifting Cream, and Sheer Fluid Sun Shield SPF 30. And while our product packaging has changed since 2014, the products’ results have been helping patients, like Erika, look younger and more vibrant for much longer!

These videos showcase just a few moments of people taking the time to learn about the science behind skincare and how to harness it towards skin that is glowing and healthy. With Lancer Skincare at your side, you can work your skin towards being camera-ready, too!