Treatment Spotlight: Mia Belle’s Microcurrent


Mia Belle is one of our highly skilled aestheticians who works under the careful direction of Dr. Lancer. She often travels to labs, spas, and research facilities to keep up with the newest and most innovative anti-aging treatments. Our new favorite treatment is Mia’s amazing microcurrent; it works as a stand-alone treatment or an add-on to one of her excellent facials. Painless, downtime-less, and with so many applications, her microcurrent is a true hero treatment here at the office.

Take a look at some of its amazing uses:

  • tightens skin by lifting and toning facial muscles
  • releases collagen growth factors, without causing inflammation
  • helps stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • great for post surgery, or facial trauma
  • acts as an anti-inflammatory and prevents the formation of scar tissue
  • treats acne with certain functions unique to this modality
  • results are comparable is Ulthera and acupuncture
  • can be used by all skin types and ethnicities

Call our office and schedule a session with Mia to try this amazing treatment!

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