New Year, New Skincare: Reset Your Routine

Now that we’ve let the new year settle, it’s time to reevaluate our daily routines to help keep our New Year’s resolutions. Whether it is your fitness routine, self-care routine, or skincare routine, it’s the perfect time to learn what works for you and what doesn’t so you can improve. 

To accomplish any of your New Year’s goals, it is important to break each down into a series of steps you can easily follow. Having a plan in place will help you keep track, stay accountable, and prevent you from abandoning any of your resolutions before February 1st.  

If you’re looking to overhaul your skincare basics, or get back into a skincare routine, Dr. Lancer’s famous The Method regimen is a great place to start! Keeping your skin healthy and glowing is easy when you follow Dr. Lancer’s 3-step skincare routine featuring Polish, Cleanse, and Nourish. 

You can begin your new skincare journey with a travel-sized Lancer Method: Intro Kit from Lancer Skincare. With three sets to choose from, you’ll find the one that suits your skin type best and cater to your needs.

Normal-Combination Skin

If your skin isn’t excessively oily or dry and you have infrequent breakouts and rarely experience sensitivity, our normal-combination skincare set is perfect for you.

  • Works by helping influence the skin’s natural regenerative cycle
  • Helps skin appear visibly brighter, more hydrated, and smooth
  • The Omega Hydrating Oil helps deliver essential hydration and antioxidants to the skin for a supple glow

Sensitive-Dehydrated Skin

If you experience redness, severe dryness and/or skin reactivity most of the time, sensitive-dehydrated is the perfect match to help you maintain your skin at its best.

  • Fragrance-free for gentle anti-aging with maximum results
  • Calms skin and reduces inflammation
  • Helps skin renew itself
  • The Soothe & Hydrate Serum helps hydrate and soothes the appearance of redness for supple, soft skin

Oily-Congested Skin

If you experience excessively oily and congested skin along with frequent breakout, oily-congested is just right for you. 

  • Helps neutralize the bacteria that causes congestion and blemishes
  • Helps open pores and remove dead cell build-up
  • The Retexturizing Treatment exfoliates dead surface cells while improving skin’s hydration levels

Enhance Your Regimen

What if you want to supercharge your current skincare routine or incorporate a few extras with your new The Method Intro Kit? We offer a variety of gift sets with our most-popular Advanced Treatment Collection products. From the Caviar Lime Acid Peel, to the Active Rejuvenation Serum, to our Instant Brightening Booster and more, these kits are here to help you target specific concerns and bring your routine to the next level.

Lancer Skincare Gift Sets

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