Dr Lancer’s Skin Reality Overall Gestalt of Appeal

Overall Gestalt of Appeal

The word “Gestalt” means many things in the world of psychology and reality. In the world of beauty, Gesalt is the perceived global view of a subject or person.

When a person looks at themselves in the mirror, they have a certain perception of themselves. The perception is both conscious and subconscious, believe it or not. As a person studies themselves, there’s something that triggers that their appearance is off. Is it their arms? Foreheard? The dark circles under their eyes? After the problem area is noticed, it becomes an obsession. It’s the first thing they notice when they look in the mirror or at a photograph. Flash forward and they’re at a holiday party alone in a corner, downloading apps on their phone to fix that specific feature before sending the photo to family. We’ve all done it. Admit it!

When a patient comes into the office, I say, “show me what concerns you and how I may help.” The patient states their concern and I pass over a mirror, so they can point it out to me. After listening to the issue, I take back the mirror and take a moment to clarify the patient’s gestalt or perception of self. While a patient may be focused on a certain problem, there might be a bigger issue that’s gone unnoticed. That small skin concern that they’ve been focusing on is not the real problem afterall.

During the consultation, I take time to educate a patient on skin tone, texture, radiance, uniformity, shape, bounce and the real skin issue that should be addressed. It’s important to see things as a whole, rather than seeing things in bits and pieces. I refine a patient’s gestalt, tweaking their original perception of self as I talk through what can be done to improve their overall appearance and how to maintain the look they want in the future.

To improve the skin’s current condition, a patient will need to commit to using the right skincare products on a daily basis. The Method 3 step system (Polish, Cleanse & Nourish) with our advanced treatments reduce oiliness, pore size, redness, even skin tone and help the skin look and feel younger. It’s the fountain of youth, but bottled up and used in the comfort of your home. Depending on the individual, a certain procedure may be next in achieving the skin you want, but that’s something that can be discussed. With the right program and commitment to following the daily steps, you’ll be able to transform your skin, fixing that initial problem along the way.

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