POLISHED for men


A number of years ago, renowned dermatologist to the stars Dr. Harold Lancer and TV/radio host Ryan Seacrest began working together to create a skincare line for men based on The Lancer Method, Dr. Lancer’s famous skincare regimen beloved by celebrities. Both Dr. Lancer and Seacrest observed an unfortunate gap in the market for quality skincare designed for men, so they teamed up to create one. POLISHED by DR. LANCER was born out the desire to create a high quality line of men’s skincare products that deliver reliable results and great-looking skin. Even better? The price means it’s an amazing value, making high quality skincare accessible for all.


polished for men

POLISHED for Men: Steps to Better Skin

Based on the core principles of The Lancer Method, Dr. Lancer has worked with Seacrest to develop daily skincare products that offer anti-aging benefits for the modern man. Each step provides multiple advantages, making this quality skincare both efficient and effective. Using his Polish, Cleanse, and Nourish skincare steps to keep skin looking and feeling its best, each product is designed specifically for the sensitivities of men’s skin. The POLISHED line is formulated with peptides, antioxidants, and mattifiers so your skin looks and feels healthy and strong.


Begin by polishing with Daily Micro-Scrub to provide daily anti-aging exfoliation and minimize shaving irritation. Using this daily scrub first helps to slough off the dead surface cells and debris that cause clogged pores and exacerbate ingrown hairs. This formula contains chemical, physical, and enzymatic exfoliants to reveal newer, younger-looking skin and prep it for cleansing. Follow with Dual Cleanse and Shave to remove oil, dirt, and other impurities and prep skin for shaving. This hydrating cleanser also serves as shaving cream for a shave that is close, comfortable, and good for your skin. The final step is to nourish and protect your skin while minimizing surface oil with Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30. This ultra-light, mattifying moisturizer combines anti-aging peptides with SPF 30 to provide powerful daily protection and hydration all in one product.


polished for men

How POLISHED Came to Be

The POLISHED product line has been carefully formulated with cutting-edge science and expertise. After years of friendship and experience as Dr. Lancer’s patient, Seacrest wanted to give everyone the opportunity to benefit from Dr. Lancer’s extensive dermatological knowledge. Seacrest said, “I had a vision of putting Dr. Lancer in a bottle and making him available to everyone.” The result was POLISHED.


To create this line and bring it to the consumer, Dr. Lancer and Seacrest partnered with Bonfire Enterprises, a new affiliate of Gunthy-Renker Ventures, LLC. This well-known and well-respected direct marketing company has a successful history of offering high-quality products through the direct marketing industry. This partnership allows POLISHED to develop a powerful relationship directly with customers.


As the dermatologist to the stars, Dr. Lancer is proud to be working with Ryan Seacrest to develop and promote this exceptional product line dedicated to helping men live better lives with exceptional care for their skin. Both Dr. Lancer and Ryan Seacrest are men of discerning taste, and they know that when you take care of yourself, you improve your wellness overall. Because of their celebrity, Dr. Lancer and Seacrest have access to the most luxurious and highest quality products and services you could imagine. This access, in addition to their experience and expertise, is why they know how to develop a quality product with a deluxe feel. They wanted to bring the same luxurious product experience they are able to enjoy to everyone, and they have done so successfully with POLISHED.



Polish Your Skin Even Further: Advanced Treatments

The unique and original formulas in the POLISHED line allow men to take excellent care of their skin without the fuss of too many steps. Since each product helps to provide multiple benefits, you can feel confident knowing these products work as hard as you do. Add in Anti-Aging Serum as a post-shave balm and antioxidant-rich serum that sooths skin after shaving while fighting the signs of aging. Include Daily Lip Care for a conditioning balm with SPF 15 that soothes dry lips without a shiny finish. Put the full product line to work and discover how good it feels to boost your confidence with great-looking skin.

Polish Up: Learn More

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Before now, it was difficult to find accessible, high-quality skincare products for men. Now you can take your skin to the next level with POLISHED. Feel good, look sharp, and protect what’s yours. There is nothing standard about this skincare. POLISHED helps your skin look its best so you can feel your best every day. Accept nothing less. Try POLISHED and discover the difference it makes for your skin today.