Preparing for Oscar Night

Los Angeles, Annual Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre

On Oscar night, all eyes are on the stars. The chatter is about what the rich and famous will wear and how they will look walking the famed red carpet. A night as big as the Oscars calls for only the best for Hollywood’s biggest names, and when it comes to dermatologists, Dr. Harold Lancer is the best of the best. It’s no surprise that devoted celebrity clients flock to his office for youthful and radiant-looking skin in time for the glamorous evening.

Without fail, Dr. Lancer’s talent was in high demand leading up to the coveted award show. He often sees between 50 and 70 clients per day as the annual big night nears, and this year was no different. Most of Dr. Lancer’s clients religiously follow his pragmatic health recommendations already. This includes the healthy diet he advocates in his book with plenty of lean protein and healthy fats. Clients also stick to advanced custom skincare routines, Polishing, Cleansing, and Nourishing their way to exquisite skin using The Lancer Method. And many clients go the extra step and come in for monthly micropolishing or microneedling to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In the weeks leading up to the awards, prominent clients come to Dr. Lancer for additional skincare recommendations and treatments to further improve the appearance of their skin’s tone, smoothness, and firmness in time for the biggest Hollywood night of the year. Clients undergo innovative procedures like LED light treatments, ultrasound treatments like Venus Viva, and laser treatments like PicoWay. These popular procedures are highly effective in refining the look of skin texture and tone while also gentle enough to be done fairly close to awards night. Dr. Lancer also recommends celebs partake in stem cell facials—either algae or placenta based—to nourish the skin, leaving the skin looking firmer.

Just like in years past, in the days and hours preceding the Oscars, Dr. Lancer was accessible to treat his famous clientele to alleviate stress-based blemishes and skin irritations. Stress can cause a host of objectionable skin reactions—even for A-list celebs—so he was prepared for last-minute appointments at all hours to treat any skin emergency. In fact, Dr. Lancer is ever-ready for his celebrity clients. He has a bedroom adjoining his office so he can doze there on the busiest nights of the year to see clients even at the eleventh hour.

As you watched actors and actresses revealing lustrous skin on the famous Oscar night, it’s likely the skin you admired belonged to one of Dr. Lancer’s clients. Dr. Lancer saw the most renowned names in Hollywood before the big event to guarantee they were red-carpet ready. He aided clients through weeks of pre-event skincare regimens and treatments to not only make their skin look magnificent, but give them the coveted inner glow we all crave.

The Oscars are a good reminder that we deserve the time to treat ourselves, too. Glowing skin is not a celebrity exclusive. You can find ways to pamper yourself so you feel rejuvenated and invigorated for wherever life takes you. Whether it’s a luxurious, premium skincare experience or making your own skin red-carpet ready, magnificent-looking skin can be yours with The Lancer Method.