Celeb Derm Dr. Lancer on Prepping Skin for the Red Carpet

Beverly Hills where Dr. Lancer is located

The countdown to the Oscars has started! If you’re anything like us here at Lancer Skincare, you are excited to see not only Oscar-nominated films win big but also what celebrities are wearing on the red carpet and learn about how they prepared for the red carpet.

You may not have to battle a sea of paparazzo this Oscars weekend, but you can still get red carpet ready at home, just like your favorite celebs. Dr. Lancer’s star-studded clientele work with him months ahead of time to achieve the best results for their skin: from head to toe! And you can mimic these results at home.

Dr. Lancer keeps Practice to Product top of mind when he creates his skincare products and that rings true for our new Red Carpet Prep Set. If you have a major special event coming up, you can use these same skincare strategies for celebrity-level glowing, vibrant skin. With Dr. Lancer’s award-winning skincare, you can be ready for all of life’s greatest moments.

Dr. Lancer's Red Carpet Prep Set - 8 piece set
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One of the most important things to remember is that achieving a radiant complexion is an ongoing process, combining daily maintenance and healthy habits with Lancer Skincare products to help augment the positive effects on your epidermis. Most often, Dr. Lancer’s celebrity clientele wants plump, hydrated, glowing and wrinkle-free skin that looks flawless underneath makeup. You can follow this same template at home with our Red Carpet Prep Set set so your complexion will be at its glorious peak in time for your big event. Shop now!