Skin Boosting Winter Detox

Juice cleanses seem to have been the ubiquitous health craze of 2013. While days of ingesting nothing but puréed greenery can do remarkable things for your skin and body, the prospect of a cold glass of juice for every meal seems largely unappealing now that most of the country is buried under 6-8 inches of ice.

That being said, it’s the new year and a great time to reset your body with a healthy cleanse.  If cold juice has got you down, we are here with an infinitely more appealing option!

Enter: Goop.  For those of you who don’t know, Goop is Gweneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand/digital magazine that contains everything from up and coming womenswear brands to healthy eats and cool spots in LA/NY.  Not long ago, Goop put out a “Warming Winter Detox” meal plan that had us (amazingly) super excited to give the cold-weather friendly detox a try.

With a few modifications, we made the three day plan into five full days of meals and snacks.  The pros: we felt AMAZING, the cleanse banished bloat, our skin was dewy and glowing, our hair shiny, and we had tons of energy to boot. Say goodbye to sodium, processed foods, sugar, bread, pasta and animal meat and say hello to a healthy 2014.

Check out the links above for daily meal plans and recipes! Happy Cleansing!