Sunscreen Guide


When we’re at the beach, most of us apply sunscreen from head to toe. We were taught early on to protect our skin from the summer sun, but what most of us learn later, is that sunscreen needs to be applied every day. Yes, all 365 days – rain or shine, indoors or outdoors. You might think you’re safe if you’re indoors, but remember those windows. UVA light comes through our windows and contributes to skin cancer risk and photoaging.

When you apply sunscreen, you’re taking action in helping your skin stay healthy and youthful. Sunscreen prevents premature ageing, painful sunburns and worst of all – skin cancer. While it’s important to use sunblock every day, it’s crucial that you reapply it throughout the day. We sweat, we touch our face, it comes off. We need to reapply it for it to work and it’s recommended that you reapply it every two hours no matter your location.

How Much Sunscreen Should You Be Applying To Protect Your Skin?


The amount of sunscreen applied also makes a difference. It’s been said that you should use two ounces or a shot glass of sunscreen, but exact measurements are not always the answer. Dr. Lancer recommends that you use a thin layer of sunscreen to cover the whole body, and use as much as it takes to get every exposed area protected.

What SPF Number Is Best To Use?

The SPF number should be 15 at the bare minimum. There are benefits to using SPF 30 and above, but if you use SPF 15 every couple of hours, you should be in good shape. Make sure you’re applying sunblock to your entire face and any exposed areas. Around your eyes, by your ears, lips, the sides of the neck, back of the neck, etc. Get all areas that you would normally forget about. The Sunscreen you select should also have broad spectrum in the title. Broad Spectrum protects against both UVA and UVB rays, so make sure you see broad spectrum to get full protection.

If you’re looking for a quality sunscreen, Dr. Lancer’s Sheer Fluid Sun Shield Broad Spectrum SPF30 sunscreen will protect your skin against harmful UV rays while providing ant-aging benefits. Not only will you be protecting your skin, but you’ll be using a product that helps skin restore its youth. Its ingredients include Gamay Grape Stem Cells to help reduce the appearance of UV damage and Sunflower Sprout Extracts to improve skin radiance and glow. It also has Chamomile Extract to soothe and calm the skin. The sunscreen is a weightless fluid that has many benefits and is non-greasy.

To apply it, use a good amount on the face, neck and décolleté after using The Method and any advanced treatments. Massage it in from the center out until it’s absorbed. It’s recommended that you apply it before and during sun exposure and remember, reapply it every two hours to keep skin protected.