Lancer Skincare Official Skincare Sponsor for Barry’s

Lancer Skincare is the official sponsor of the Barry’s Brand Ambassador Campaign! From April 11th to May 15th, Lancer is sponsoring select Barry’s classes each week. When you attend one of these classes, you’ll receive a free gift from Lancer Skincare to kickstart your perfect skincare routine & get your best workout yet with Barry’s.

Why Barry’s?

Lancer is the skincare partner for Barry’s from April 11th to May 15th. We chose to partner with Barry’s because it is the original high-energy cardio and strength interval training workout and has been named “The Best Workout in the World.” Skincare and physical wellness go hand in hand. Exercising regularly improves the health of skin, making it younger-looking and more resilient. For these reasons, this partnership makes perfect sense! Barry’s isn’t a fitness trend; it’s science, and it works. Just like Barry’s, Lancer isn’t a skincare trend; it’s science, and it works.

How does fitness help with anti-aging?

Fitness and physical health is essential to Dr. Lancer’s methodology to maintain youthful looking skin.

“Exercise is a must if you want to be radiant. Physical activity increases circulation and delivers more nutrients and oxygen to skin, which greatly improves skin health.” -Dr. Lancer

You can read more about Dr. Lancer’s insights on the benefits & positive impacts of exercise on skin by reading his book Younger: The Breakthrough Anti-Aging Method For Radiant Skin. He dives into the best lifestyle practices to ensure body and skin receive the best treatment from the inside out.

Your Pre- and Post-workout Routine

It’s always important to remember to not only prep and thoroughly clean your skin beforehand, but also help it recover after. When you start exercising and you start breaking a sweat,  the last thing you want is leftover makeup clogging your pores! PSA: Our Makeup Removing Wipes are so easy to throw in your bag.

After your workout, you always want to make sure you cleanse all the sweat, excess oil, and dirt from your skin. Packing a bag of travel-sized skincare items is key! That way, you don’t have to compromise your at-home treatments when you’re on-the-go.

Learn More about Lancer Skincare being the Official Skincare Sponsor for Barry’s here!

Never Been to Barry’s?

Use code LANCER to access an exclusive 2 for 1 class pack to get started. Click here to learn more!

Excercise Your Way to Glowing Skin

Good news: it doesn’t take intense exercise to rev your skin’s engine. (In fact, too much exercise can age you.) But getting the right amount on a daily basis can regulate hormone levels, boost immunity and increase blood flow to skin, creating a perfect storm of exercise-induced glow. Get Dr. Lancer’s take on youth-enhancing exercise in his latest video interview with Sally Lyndley.

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