Dr. Lancer Devotee: Ryan Seacrest


They call him the hardest working man in Hollywood, so it only stands to reason that he’d need a skincare regimen that works overtime too. With a packed schedule that spans from early a.m. call times for On Air with Ryan Seacrest to evenings hosting American Idol and production work sandwiched in between, you’d think the toll of his demanding schedule might show up on his face. But Ryan Seacrest doesn’t look a day over 29. (He’s actually 39.) Of course, with so little time to spare, Ryan requires a pared down skincare system, which is why he’s a fan of our simple, at-home, 3-step Method. He has also spilled Dr. L’s skincare secrets on air (listen here). And when he is able to squeeze in a visit to our dermatology offices, he can’t resist a facial with our resident aesthetician Louise Deschamps for the ultimate Lancer glow.

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Dr. Lancer Devotee: David Gandy

Devotee-DavidGandy (1)

Vogue named him one of the world’s top ten male models, he’s been the face of Dolce & Gabbana since 2006, designed an underwear line for Marks & Spencer, and can currently be seen playing Jennifer Lopez’s love interest in her new video “First Love”. Seems like David Gandy is as hard-working as he is really, really ridiculously good-looking.

Like most men, David says he likes to keep his skincare regimen minimal. But even a mug that gorgeous can’t rely on the genetic jackpot forever. To keep his skin youthful and in top model shape, David uses our Method Nourish, which he touted to The Telegraph and has also called the “best moisturizer I have ever used”. He is also a devotee of our ultra-hyrdating Intensive Night Treatment. “I…use Dr Lancer products like their Intensive Night Treatment which is very, very good,” he told the popular UK men’s skincare blog The Grooming Guide.

We’d say he’s not just a pretty face, but one very, very smart man.

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Men’s Skincare 101


Let’s face it: skincare is just as important for men as it is for women, but most men don’t live by the “ounce of prevention” adage – and probably need a little prodding from the women in their lives to get going on a healthy skincare regimen. Here are three CORE reasons to get the men in your life protecting their largest organ ASAP:

Facial hair can clog pores. Men have fast-growing facial hair with strong hair follicles that can become easily irritated or congested. Daily skincare, especially exfoliation and hydration, is crucial to keep pores clear and skin healthy. With a little commitment, they can say sayonara to painful and unattractive ingrowns.

Thicker skin needs extra TLC. Men have thicker, more durable skin than women, which is a net positive because they are better protected from the elements. But this sturdier skin also makes the absorption of vital nutrients more difficult. Careful but simple skincare (think: the 3-step Method) will help keep skin healthy, hydrated and in great condition as men age.

Many men aren’t programmed to do it themselves. Women have been taught to care for their skin from the time they became teenagers (or before), and are conditioned to apply creams, makeup, masks and oils first thing in the morning. Men, on the other hand, are not used to wearing anything on their skin and often forgo the use of sunscreen leading to sun damage and prematurely aged skin. Daily sunscreen application is absolutely crucial for men (read just how important it is in Dr. Lancer’s newest LA Times feature); we just need to teach men to get started.  Help your guy by finding a formula he likes – our liquid SPF is popular among many of Dr. Lancer’s male patients because of its quick-absorbing formula and non-greasy feel.

Pick up one of the three versions of The Method for the man in your life: https://www.lancerskincare.com/the-lancer-method

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