The Beauty Of Exfoliation

Exfoliation is one of those fancy terms for removing debris. An exfoliating product removes debris from the skin’s surface as it stimulates new oxygen flow, new cell metabolism, new protein production, and begins restoring the skin. Skin looks and feels fresh post exfoliation and it helps tremendously with evening out skin tone. It’s important to exfoliate on a daily basis to keep your complexion radiant and healthy. But remember, you’ll need to get every inch of your body – not just your face!

The Method: Polish is the number one exfoliating product at Lancer Skincare. The product was developed from the 1983 / 1984 thought process of its founder, Dr. Lancer, who understood the need to remove debris from an area wanting to be restored before cleansing the skin. When Lancer re-developed the proper theory and practice of skincare, the clinic served as the focus on patient care to develop the Lancer Polish-Cleanse-Nourish protocol. Polish is the first step of the 3-step system and is used to gently remove surface debris and dull, dry surface cells to reveal a brighter, smoother, and more even toned complexion. The product contains a generous mix of crystals, pumpkin and pomegranate enzymes and can be used on the face, neck and décolleté. In addition, there is an alternate version for the body which can be used from the shoulders down. Both products can be used daily or every other day to exfoliate or remove dead skin cells that are interfering with the normal metabolic function of living tissue so that all the active ingredients in Lancer products work better. After The Method: Polish, use The Method: Cleanse to remove any remaining impurities left on the skin and The Method: Nourish to hydrate the skin while providing anti-aging benefits.

Dr. Lancer also developed an instrument so that you can exfoliate your skin from home – the Pro Polish Microdermabrasion Device. Inspired by the PowerPeel Microdermabrasion machine used at Lancer Dermatology, the new patented device allows you to experience optimal exfoliation for the face and body in the privacy of your own home. The device comes equipped with a diamond tipped component for small areas like the face, neck and hands, and has a second attachment for the larger areas of the body. The Pro Polish Microdermabrasion Device was designed to be used 1-2x/week and has 3 power levels to choose from. Some may use it on their face. Some might use it on just their elbows. It can be a broad use mechanical instrument treatment or a focal area of concern treatment device. It varies from person to person. With consistent use, skin should appear smoother, even toned and healthy.

The Method: Polish and Pro Polish Microdermabrasion Device are both crucial to the concept of Lancer Skincare because they promote the idea that you must remove debris – dead, non-functioning interfering skin cells before cleansing, advanced product use and nourishing the skin. It’s important to note that they should not be used on the same day and in the same area because it would be over stimulating the region.

Exfoliation is the key to obtaining beautiful, clean skin so remember to include it in your daily skincare regimen as it will make a huge difference in your complexion from head to toe.