The Game Plan for Radiant Skin

Your skin’s condition can reveal a lot about you, like if you’re spending plenty of time outdoors or applying sunscreen as much as you say you do. If we’re being honest, we can be complacent and not always use the proper protection needed for our skin. Luckily, our skin produces melanin—the natural skin pigment that protects skin cells from UV rays. However, relying on melanin alone doesn’t give you the necessary protection. Without sunscreen and the proper care, you’ll start to see the skin imperfections you’ve been warned about.

Hyperpigmentation—irregular darkening of the skin—is a common skin issue caused by multiple factors. Excessive sun exposure is the #1 leading factor as it can result in sun damage. When unprotected skin is exposed to the sun, melanin production kicks into overdrive as it attempts to protect the skin from damaging UV rays. However, the overproduction of melanin is what causes skin discoloration and uneven skin tone. Hyperpigmentation also results from air pollution, scars, and hormonal changes. Sometimes laser procedures can cause unexpected pigmentation if not done properly.

So, what can we do now to help fade dark spots and achieve radiant, glowing skin? We can commit to protecting our skin moving forward by limiting sun exposure, applying sunscreen daily, and using the right skincare regimen to restore our skin.

Corrective Lightening Treatment by Dr. Lancer is a new, highly effective OTC product that helps gradually fade skin discoloration such as dark spots, age spots, and UV-induced hyperpigmentation, helping to revitalize skin’s radiance. Corrective Lightening Treatment doesn’t alter a person’s natural skin color. Its sole purpose is to reduce unwanted dark spots and discoloration to give a balanced, radiant complexion.

This powerful serum contains 2% Hydroquinone, Dr. Lancer’s #1 recommended ingredient to lighten unwanted pigmentation. The maximum hydroquinone concentration available without a prescription is 2% and is the key to fading dark spots. It’s the champion ingredient for skin tone correction, and Dr. Lancer has been using it to fade skin discoloration for years. When creating products, he uses the motto: Practice to Product. Everything used in the office is created as a product for patients to use at home. Corrective Lightenting Treatment also contains Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, which helps improve the look of skin texture, enlarged pores, and firmness.

With a handle on Corrective Lightening Treatment, we can use it as part of an overall skincare regimen to achieve radiant and healthy skin. But how do we find the right products for us? Dr. Lancer shares his secret—the Lancer Ancestry Scale to determine the right skincare routine for each patient.

In 1997, Dr. Lancer attended the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery conference. During the conference, a panel of highly respected dermatologists spoke about poor outcomes from resurfacing techniques. A resident came forward, sharing a recent complication he had with a standard laser procedure. The patient seemed like an ideal candidate. Blue eyes, blonde hair, fair skin. The procedure should have been a success but instead resulted in a second-degree burn. The same procedure had gone as planned with other candidates. So, what was different this time?

During his return flight to Los Angeles, Dr. Lancer thought about this situation and left the airport with a couple of ideas. Reaching out to the resident again, he asked if he had seen the patient’s family during the consultation. The resident said he did and mentioned that the family had an olive skin tone, which differed from his patient’s fair skin. This new information sparked an idea and led to the creation of the Lancer Ancestry Scale.

Using the theory that skins outward appearance can be deceiving, Dr. Lancer posits that a procedure or skincare regimen shouldn’t be recommended solely based off what one sees on the surface. It’s important to know the global ancestry of each patient to provide the most appropriate skincare regimen. With multigenerational ancestral background information, Dr. Lancer can determine which products will perform best for each patient. A skincare routine developed with the guidance of the Lancer Ancestry Scale may be extremely useful if complexion uniformity is the main issue, particularly in individuals with sensitive skin.

With Corrective Lightening Treatment and skincare regimen determined by the Lancer Ancestry Scale, you’ll have the recipe needed to gradually fade dark spots and get glowing skin. Make sure to acclimate your skin slowly when starting any new product. Use a small amount on the affected area once or twice a week to start off. You can begin to use the product twice daily after a few applications.

With a plan in place, we can’t forget sunscreen to keep our skin tone balanced and healthy for life. Sunscreen is key even on overcast days. It’s important to note that all sources of light can influence skin toxicity, so remember that skin protection is needed during all waking hours. If you can see your surroundings without artificial light, there’s enough light to speed up skin aging.