Lancer Skincare Throwback Thursday (#tbt)

While every day is a great day for healthy skin, Thursday is becoming one of our favorites. The hashtag #ThrowbackThursday, or #tbt, has allowed everyone to post a favorite memory on social media. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that at Lancer Skincare, fantastic, glowing skin is always memorable (and always in!)

We wanted to take this moment to throwback to a few of the highlights we’ve received in the press this year. Here we go!

Throwback Thursday - Lancer Skincare
Throwback Thursday – Lancer Skincare

To begin, how about that time Harper’s Bazaar gave us a shout out! We discussed skin health in the September 2015 issue.

Around that same time, Cameron Silver, the King of Vintage, tweeted how much he loved us!

We’ve also been mentioned by not one, but two Bravo Network celebrities! Here’s a throwback to Lisa Rinna from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” listing us as one of her favorite skincare brands.

The other is a more recent mention from “Ladies of London” star Caroline Stanbury! Goes to show that great skincare really can travel overseas!

One of our favorite #tbts are when we hear how someone loves using our products. Hilary Duff mentioned using our Polish when she was pregnant to enhance her Lancer glow! FireShot Screen Capture #946 - 'Hilary Duff Shares Her Secret to a Blemish-Free Face' - www_instyle_com_news_how-i-wash-my-face-hilary-duff The Lancer Glow is definitely something to be excited about—just look at Carnie Wilson’s tweet when she found out Jennifer Lopez is one of our clients!

Victoria Beckham gives us many #throwbackthursday moments, and it’s not just because of the Spice Girls movie! Here’s a throwback to October, when she let us know what she thought of our Contour Decollete.

All of these moments have come together to make a fantastic year for Lancer Skincare, and we really can’t thank our clients enough to trust us with their skin! And to think, their throwback pictures may even make it seem like no time has passed at all.