What is a Medi-spa and is it Safe?

What is a Medi-spa and is it Safe?
What is a Medi-spa and is it Safe?

Medical spas, commonly referred to as medi-spas in the skincare industry, is a medical clinic hybrid that also acts as a day spa. The day-spa aspect allows you to go in for a specific treatment like laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, and Botox, and walk right out the door. In a society that wants immediate results, people are inclined to go for the quick fixes or quick appointments without having to continue maintenance for the rest of their lives.

As tempting as the idea of medi-spas may be, we highly advise you to be cautious of them. Although there may be a medical doctor on staff, you may never see that particular dermatologist or other physician on the premises. In fact, they may not even have much to say about the treatment you chose for yourself! Most likely you will receive treatment from a medical assistant or nurse rather than a board-certified doctor. The benefit of having a board-certified doctor by your side means that you will be able to have a longer, in-depth conversation with your doctor before committing to costly and sometimes risky procedures. And while there have been advances made in technology that allow for minimally-invasive procedures that could be less expensive and require less time for recuperation, the procedures are only as good as the professional performing them. When you have a board-certified doctor by your side, you are receiving advice from someone who has studied and specialized in treating whatever your skincare concerns are, and will be able to consider all available options and risks with you before you commit to anything.

We take pride in our minimally-invasive approach to skincare with our three-step Lancer Method that was developed based on over 30 years of studying how skin naturally heals and regenerates itself. Without even knowing it, you already hold the key to your anti-aging treatment, which is your very own skin. By investing more in your skincare and your dermatologist, you are actually being more cost-effective and can create a skincare regimen that really lasts a lifetime.


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