The Method: Nourish is a potent anti-aging moisturizer and the final step in the Lancer Method. Finishing your routine with Nourish is important because it helps to provide a barrier on the skin to lock in moisture, which also allows the actives applied in preceding Advanced Treatments to penetrate deeper. For hydration beyond Nourish, add one of Dr. Lancer's advanced moisturizing formulas to your daily and weekly routine.
  1. Intensive Night Treatment
    Intensive Night Treatment
    with Hylaplex® and Marula Oil
  2. Omega Hydrating Oil with Ferment Complex
    Omega Hydrating Oil
    with Ferment Complex
  3. Lancer Legacy™ Youth Treatment
    Legacy™ Youth Treatment
    Lancer Legacy™ Youth Treatment
  4. Soothe & Hydrate Serum
    Soothe & Hydrate Serum
    with Hyaluronic Acid
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