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Sensitized skin has many forms, ranging from being visually itchy, irritated, or flushed, or may cause an internal reaction that appears at the surface, such as flushing, burning, or stinging. Skin changes, especially as one ages, which is why sensitized skin can either be extremely oily or dry, create uneven skin tone or enlarged pores, and may even mutate DNA in skin cells and destroy collagen. And as you age, your skin barrier becomes less effective, causing skin to appear drier and become more susceptible to allergic reactions.

Because sensitive skin is a catchall concept, it is important to understand that sensitive skin is prone to irritation and inflammation, most commonly appearing at the source where a product is applied or appearing in other places due to lifestyle choices, such as eating something or brushing up against a plant you were not aware that you were allergic to in the first place. Knowing what causes sensitized skin is important, but finding sensitized skin products to use every day will allow you to look and feel your best while also receiving key anti-aging ingredients.

Luxurious Skincare Products Developed for Sensitized Skin

Sensitized skin is already reactive by nature, so finding products that are gentle and can be eased in to everyday use is important. When it comes to sensitized skin products, the Lancer Method for Sensitive Skin is formulated to be gentle and fragrance-free so as to avoid any reaction caused by fragrances found in other skincare lines. Our Polish is a gentle skin resurfacing treatment that contain natural minerals to provide extra-fine exfoliation without abrading the skin, but it is the powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients that really make this the right polish for you. With ingredients derived from chamomile like bisabolol and roman chamomile oil plus ginger root extract, sensitized skin is able to receive the benefits of our Polish without having to worry about skin becoming inflamed due to the stimulation caused by polishing dead skin cells away.

You’ll follow up the Polish with our Cleanse, which is enriched with oat extract to continue soothing skin irritation while softening and moisturizing, while licorice root extract acts as an anti-inflammatory. Once the Cleanse sweeps skin of residual dirt and exfoliation debris, our Nourish is the final step in our sensitized skin regimen. Oat, chamomile, and licorice extract reduce redness, while oils derived from olives and avocados reduce inflammation and improve the skin’s barrier function to retain moisture.

And while sensitized skin products are designed for people with sensitive skin, it is important to ease into them. We recommend using our Polish two times a week until your skin becomes acclimated. The Lancer Method for Sensitive Skin is designed to be adapted for your skin, so your sensitized skin will improve as it adjusts to our products. You can begin your skincare routine today—all you have to do is click on the products below and discover the calming anti-aging benefits of The Lancer Method for Sensitive Skin.

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