Dr. Lancer on the Method

I developed the Lancer Method after carefully observing my patients over years of clinical practice and daily care. I realized that the most effective way to heal skin and treat a wide array of conditions is to focus on how skin repairs and regenerates itself, rather than merely addressing the visible signs of aging or disease.

When you are young, your skin creates new cells and sloughs off old ones at a rapid and regulate rate. A healthy twenty year-old's skin will entirely regenerate itself every 28 days. But as you age, this cycle gradually slows down and the skin’s ability to regenerate itself diminishes. Signs of aging then become visible. I discovered that with the right protocols, it is possible reverse the gradual slowdown of the skin's regenerative cycle. Once you get skin to act like its younger, it soon begins to look younger. Fine lines disappear, wrinkle depth and length lessen and age spots begin to fade.

The Lancer Method achieves its remarkable results by accelerating skin's repair and renewal process. The Method's focus on exfoliation tells your skin that production of new, fresh cells is necessary. This prompts growth and healing more rapidly than standard skincare regimes. Because the Method is founded in using inflammation, which is the root of all skincare problems, to stimulate growth and healing, the Lancer Method is a viable and successful treatment for all skin types and all skin care dilemmas.

I have developed a line of technologically advanced products that can be used, with slight variation depending on skin type and ethnicity, for all patients. The Lancer Method immensely improves fine lines, texture, discoloration, and pore size, while giving you the radiant and renowned ‘Lancer Glow’ in as a few days.