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Stem cells are “blank” cells that can be developed into a variety of cell types to carry out different functions, which is why they are a new frontier in skincare. When stem cell skincare became an option, we looked at how to derive plant-based stem cells to create a protein-signaling cascade to get your skin cells to shape up, repair, and renew themselves at the rate they used to when you were younger. And while you may think that stem cell face creams are where you would be receiving this protein kick, you’ll be surprised by how many ways we have been able to insert stem cells into our products so you can discover what happens when skin is repeatedly told to act younger.

Stem Cell Face Cream Helps Rejuvenate Skin for a Younger Look

The Lancer Method’s Nourish is a rich anti-aging stem cell face cream that helps skin retain moisture and boost its oxygen levels. Our Nourish contains rare grape polyphenol, a potent antioxidant that helps protect the neighborhoods where stem cells live and protect your skin from oxidative stressors that may cause inflammation. One type of inflammation is acne, and for those with blemished skin, we created our Lancer Method for Blemish Control, which contains a lilac stem cell compound that absorbs excess oil and naturally fights off future blemishes. Another stem cell face cream is our rich Eye Contour Lifting Cream, which contains brown algae extract to increase hyaluronic acid production—or skin’s natural moisture—while also strengthening the eyes’ delicate skin barrier.

And while our stem cell skincare products hydrate skin, we also look for ways to increase elasticity and even skin tone. Our Lift Serum Intense features a stem cell recovery complex of marine stem cells that can help stimulate skin cell regeneration while grape-derived stem cells guard cells against UV stress. Grape stem cells are also formulated into our Sheer Fluid Sun Shield SPF 30 to fight aging caused from exposure to the sun. Because of its lightweight formula, this stem cell face cream can easily be applied on top of our Lift Serum Intense as a way to ensure your skin is fully protected from further damage while simultaneously receiving the benefits from using an anti-aging skincare regimen.

Stem cell skincare is rich in protein, which your skin uses to renew itself and remain youthfully plump. Explore our stem cell face creams and serums, and you’ll discover the many anti-aging benefits they have when used on a daily basis.

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