Skincare for Acne & Congested Skin

Did you know acne affects over 60 million Americans and 9.4% of the world's population? This genetic disorder affects both adolescents and adults and varies in severity from person to person. It is triggered by factors such as genetics, diet, poor hygiene, stress, climate and improper use of products on the skin, and can have a great impact on people both physically and emotionally.


Here at Lancer Skincare, we tap into one of the world's leading dermatologists, Dr. Harold Lancer's expertise, our award-winning formulas and expert tips to help people around the world who suffer from this disorder achieve their healthiest skin yet.


STEP 1: Polish to remove dead skin

STEP 2: Cleanse to remove sweat and oil from the skin

STEP 3: Use the Soothing Serum to reduce redness and calm inflamed areas

STEP 4: Nourish to protect the skin barrier and keep skin hydrated

STEP 5: Use the Sheer Fluid Sun Shield or the Mineral Sun Shiels Universal Tint to protect, soothe and calm skin

Used together, your skin will be clear, vibrant, and refreshed. If you’re new to The Method, try a 30+ day supply with one of our intro kits!



Use the Clarifying Detox Mask to decongest and detox skin and the Gentle Exfoliating Peel Pads to brighten skin and refine pores.

Post Acne? Pigmentation? No Problem!