Your skin isn’t excessively oily or dry. You have infrequent breakouts and rarely experience sensitivity.

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    The Method 3-Step Set - Normal-Combination Skin
    The Method: Normal-Combination Set
    Polish, Cleanse, Nourish
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  4. Active Rejuvenation Serum
    Active Rejuvenation Serum
    with Triple Dermal Complex
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  8. Contour Décolleté
    Contour Décolleté
    Firming Concentrate
  9. Younger Pure Youth Serum
  10. Lancer Legacy Eye Treatment Duo
  11. Lancer Legacy™ Youth Treatment
    Legacy™ Youth Treatment
    Lancer Legacy™ Youth Treatment
  12. Younger Revealing Mask Intense
    Younger Revealing Mask Intense
    Retinoid-Powered Magnetic Facial
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  15. Lift Serum Intense
    Lift Serum Intense
    with Stem Cell Complex
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    POLISH LIKE A PROAt Home Facial Kit
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