The Lancer Method
Three Powerful Steps For Glowing Skin

How It Works:

Speeds Cell Turnover –

This important foundation step removes surface debris while infusing your skin with oxygen to make it more radiant and smooth.

Supports Natural Collagen –

The second step gently removes all daily impurities and balances the skin’s pH level so it can receive treatment.

Allows Skin To Absorb Nutrients –

The final step feeds the skin nutrients that boost its oxygen level and cell function. Once absorbed, the potent ingredients give skin a visibly renewed, youthful glow.

As Seen In:
Dr. Lancer's New Book
Dr. Lancer's New Book
Dr. Lancer's New Book
Dr. Lancer's New Book
Dr. Lancer's New Book
Dr. Lancer's New Book

Optimized For All Skin Types
Normal/ Dehydrated
The Method
Dr. Lancer’s legendary skin care system for smooth, glowing results. Formulated to transform normal or dehydrated skin.
The Method for sensitive skin
Get the same radiant results of the Lancer Method with an extra-gentle, fragrance-free formula that won’t irritate sensitive skin.
Blemish Prone
The Method for blemish control
Experience the youthful results of the Lancer Method with a luxurious formula optimized for blemish-prone skin.

The Lancer® Method

The Lancer Method was developed after Dr. Lancer studied the nature of skin’s reparative and regenerative cycles. In his studies, Dr. Lancer took into account how young skin regenerates about every 28-31 days, meaning dead skin cells sloughed off and are replaced with new skin cells. As we begin to age, however, this cycle slows down, leaving skin prone to signs of aging. Considering that new skin cells form to replace the old ones, Dr. Lancer asked himself how he could get skin to continue thinking it needed this replacement to happen, which is how the first step in The Lancer Method came to be.

Three Powerful Steps for Glowing Skin

The Lancer Method is a 3-step skincare system that features gentle exfoliation (The Method: Polish), cleansing (The Method: Cleanse), and moisturization (The Method: Nourish) with ingredients to remove surface debris and dead skin cells and provide powerful anti-aging nutrients and antioxidants to leave skin feeling healthy and refreshed.

When someone hears about exfoliation, they may picture the skin being buffed and stripped of a layer of skin. Dr. Lancer redefines exfoliating as polishing, since your skin should be treated like a fine piece of silver and buffed in order to reveal your skin’s natural shine. The Method: Polish combines gentle pure minerals, enzymes from plants, and a warming feature that sloughs off dead surface skin cells and allows for a deeper clean.

The next step of The Method is to cleanse any exfoliating debris or lingering skin cells away. The Method: Cleanse creates a light foam that not only helps to sweep away this debris, but also helps to boost skin hydration and prepare skin for the third and final step in the Method.

After cleansing, pat skin dry, then apply The Method: Nourish.  Dr. Lancer calls it nourish because of the  essential nutrients and antioxidants derived from nasturtium flower extract, avocado oil, and other fruit oils that allows for skin to feel velvety smooth.

The Lancer Method is available in three different formulas for normal, sensitive, and blemish-prone skin to cover a wide range of skincare concerns.  Experience The Lancer Method to see how radiant and glowing your skin can be.