The Method: Body Polish
The Method: Body Polish
The Method: Body Cleanse
The Method: Body Cleanse
The Method Body Nourish
The Method: Body Nourish
with Hylaplex® and Glycolic Acid 10%

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The skin on your body is very different from the skin on your face, neck, and chest. Your body’s skin is tougher and less forgiving of injury than your facial skin, mostly because blood circulation is different and skin appendages differ. Because the requirements for treating the skin below the bustline are different, you have to use products designed for that purpose if you want to improve the skin all over your body. This is where The Lancer Method comes in, which has been formulated to Polish, Cleanse, and Nourish the body towards younger-acting skin.

The first step in your body skincare regimen is to polish dry, dead skin cells, excess oils, and residue away to reveal smoother, younger-looking skin. The Method: Body Polish uses pure quartz crystals to create precise exfoliation, while salicylic acid softens keratin, the rough, fibrous protein that is abundant in dead surface skin cells. Our Body Polish creates controlled inflammation, which helps to stimulate collagen production, open pores and increase skin’s ability to retain moisture.

The next step in The Method: Body skincare regimen is to cleanse the skin of any residual exfoliation debris. The Method: Body Cleanser softens skin while deeply cleaning pores and boosting cell turnover. Experience a luxurious, thick gel formula that lathers without stripping moisture away, thanks to watermelon seed oil that keeps skin hydrated while also reducing sebum, skin’s natural oil, in the pores. Our Body Cleanser also contains an AHA and BHA blend of glycolic and salicylic acids to adjust skin’s pH to a proper, slightly acidic level in order to prepare your skin for the last step in The Method.

The Method: Body Nourish is a body cream that blends glycolic acid, rich natural moisturizers like shea butter and marula oil, and Hylaplex™, Dr. Lancer’s proprietary moisturization compound in a formula that speeds skin cell turnover and lessens signs of aging. Our Body Nourish lets you apply an advanced anti-aging treatment formulated specifically for your body that firms, hydrates, and smooths your skin all at once.

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Lips are also susceptible to fine lines due to their delicate skin. To maintain a full, young appearance, give your lips some extra care with our Volume Enhancing Lip Serum.

Gone are the days when you thought that all you needed was body cream and cleanser to keep your skin looking its best. When you use The Method: Body Products, you will exfoliate your entire body whenever you bathe or shower to stimulate your skin to act young by tapping into its innate healing power, and cleanse and nourish your way to younger-looking skin. Click on our Method: Body Products to learn more!