Universal Tips for Happier and Healthier Skin

healthy skin

While each skin type needs something just a little different, there are some universal skincare types that will help keep your skin happier and healthier in 2017. Healthy skin is clean, hydrated, and nourished, so make sure you address the health of your skin from the inside out.

Dry skin is often a result of dehydration, and dehydrated skin can be discolored and crepey-looking. In order to ensure your skin maintains a smooth and plump appearance and an even-looking tone, drink plenty of water to keep your skin cells hydrated. To keep skin moisturized on the outside, too, avoid overly dry environments. In the winter, heaters dry the air, which keeps your skin from retaining essential moisture. Use a cool mist humidifier to reintroduce moisture to the air and use a nourishing moisturizer day and night to keep essential moisture in your skin. Healthy, hydrated skin looks happier, younger, and more radiant.

Happy, healthy skin also requires sufficient nutrition and a balanced diet, which can help in preventing wrinkles, acne, eczema, and very dry or very oily skin. A balanced diet includes healthy fats that provide vital nutrients and help keep your skin nourished. Good fats, like Omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids, are responsible for keeping your cell membranes strong so nutrients and water can enter the membrane, but waste stays out. Healthy skin cell membranes result in skin that looks softer, suppler, and firmer. Ensure that your diet includes plenty of these healthy omega fatty acids by eating nuts and seeds, avocados, tuna, salmon, and healthy oils like olive, safflower, or canola. You can also add a fish oil supplement to your diet to add a boost of beneficial fats to your daily nutrition and help ensure beautiful skin.

Skin can benefit from regular exercise, which is a great way to maintain healthy circulation, boosting your skin’s radiance and helping eliminate toxins for clearer, more even-looking skin. However, working out in makeup can cause clogged pores and exacerbate acne and other skin issues like rosacea or psoriasis. Cleanse skin thoroughly before exercising to get rid of debris, dirt, and free radicals on the surface of your skin that can clog pores and cause skin problems. While working out, use a clean towel to dab sweat from your face rather than using your hands. After you’re finished exercising, wash your face and rehydrate your skin with a soothing moisturizer that won’t irritate skin after a workout. Your body will feel renewed and reenergized, and your skin will look radiant and healthy.

Skincare can make a big difference in how your skin looks, but you also need to nourish your skin from the inside. Take care of your body and your skin, and you’ll see the results right on your face. Follow these universal skincare tips for happy skin that looks youthful and radiates health.