The Method: Cleanse
The Method: Cleanse

Facial Cleansers

As the second step in the Lancer Method, our facial cleansers are designed to restore the skin’s pH balance and, of course, sweep skin of dead cells and debris. Cleanse is available in three formulas, so you’ll receive the benefits of one of the best facial cleansers out there no matter your skin type.

As skin is an organ of absorption, your face is exposed to many harmful pollutants, chemicals, and bacteria, which are absorbed through the skin and cause uncontrolled inflammation. Keeping it meticulously clean will reduce the toxic load on your body, and preventing this buildup of toxins is a very effective anti-aging strategy. The Method: Cleanse is a gentle, lightly-foaming cleanser that is designed to complete the Polish Step of the Lancer Method, as it sweeps skin of residual exfoliation debris. All of our face wash contains Sodium PCA, which binds water to the skin’s surface, while rice protein moisturizes and sets the foundation for Nourish.

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Our best facial cleansers are not just limited to normal/dehydrated skin—we created special formulas for sensitive skin and blemish control. The Method: Cleanse for Sensitive Skin is fragrance-free and enriched with oat extract (to soothe skin irritation) and anti-inflammatory licorice root extract. You’ll find salicylic acid to eliminate blemish-causing microbes in our The Method: Cleanse for Blemish Control, along with tea tree oil and lilac stem cell compounds that have anti-acne properties.