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Sensitive skin is a skin type that is much more reactive than the average person’s skin. People with sensitive skin are prone to irritation, redness, itchiness, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis, and other skin conditions. People with sensitive skin need skincare for dry skin that will soothe their skin instead of exacerbating the irritation.

Sensitive Skincare Products from Lancer

At Lancer Skincare, we have an entire collection of skincare products that were specifically designed with dry, sensitive skin in mind. Our skincare for sensitive skin features advanced formulations and soothing ingredients that will give your skin the nourishing, soothing relief that it needs. Our skincare for dry skin will help to relieve redness, banish flaky patches, calm irritation, and more.

For instance, our sensitive-dehydrated cleanser features rice silk proteins, amino acids, and aloe extract to gently cleanse the skin without leaving it dry and tight. Meanwhile, our Redness Relief Intense mask features Manuka Honey, Centella Asiatica Extract, and Eperua Bark Extract to reduce redness upon application immediately. And that barely scratches the surface of all the skincare for sensitive skin that we offer!

What to Look For in Skincare for Sensitive Skin

When looking for new products for sensitive skin, prioritize hypoallergenic and fragrance-free formulas that are low in potential irritants. While other skin types may be able to use these ingredients without a problem, they often cause sensitive skin to become red, blotchy, and irritated. Instead, look for calming ingredients like oat and vitamin E, hydrating ingredients like peptides and glycerin, and nourishing ingredients like shea butter and ceramides.

Be extra careful with strong exfoliators like salicylic acid and AHA acids, which are better suited to oily skin. Also, be cautious of chemical peels and other strong treatments that can damage the skin barrier and cause flare-ups for those with sensitive skin. People with sensitive or dry skin should also avoid foaming cleansers, which can strip necessary lipids away alongside dirt and impurities. They should also steer clear of oil-free moisturizers, which aren’t thick enough to protect their dry skin.

Ingredients like retinol or vitamin C can be useful for those concerned with anti-aging, but people with sensitive skin should opt for lower concentrations or less powerful derivatives to prevent irritation. Those with acne-prone skin should seek out ingredients such as niacinamide that will treat breakouts without overly drying the skin.

Creating a Sensitive Skincare Routine

The best skincare routine for sensitive skin begins with a makeup remover to clear away cosmetic products, sunscreen, and other residue that can irritate the skin. Next, follow it up with a gentle cream or milk cleanser that leaves your skin feeling clean but not dry and tight. Use lukewarm water to rinse away the face wash, as hot water can dry your face out, and gently pat your skin dry with a soft towel.

People with sensitive skin can exfoliate if they are careful about it, but they need a gentle formula that is specifically designed for dryness, which should be used only a few days a week. Other skin products that benefit sensitive skin include hydrating serums and calming masks that alleviate dryness and redness.

Some people with dry skin opt for a lighter lotion during the day, and then apply a very thick night cream while they sleep for extra nourishment. However, you can use the same cream both day and night if you prefer. Many people with dry skin also benefit from using a dedicated eye cream to treat fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness in that area. In the morning, you should finish off your routine with a sunscreen that offers SPF 30 or even SPF 50 protection for your sensitive skin.

The Lancer Guarantee

Like all Lancer products, our skincare for dry skin is formulated with input from Dr. Harold Lancer, a celebrity dermatologist with decades of practice. Our Lancer Skincare products are made with cutting-edge ingredients that have been tried and tested to produce results. In fact, we’re so confident in our products, including our skincare for sensitive skin, that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. If you’re not happy with our products for any reason at all, simply contact us within that window, and we’ll be happy to process a return or exchange.

What’s more, all Lancer Skincare products — including our skincare for sensitive skin — ship free within the U.S., with no order minimum needed. So what are you waiting for? Order your skincare for sensitive skin today to get your skin relief!

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