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Finding skincare for combination skin is tough. You have some oily patches and some dry patches, and some patches that seem to change based on the day! You need skin care that is tailored to your skin’s needs, not meant for either oily skin or dry skin.

That’s why Lancer Skincare has an entire skincare line that was specifically created for combination skin. We offer every kind of product that you need to build a skincare routine for combination skin : cleansers, exfoliators, serums, moisturizers, and even sunscreen. Start with a basic 3-step skincare routine or add on products to take your basic combination skincare routine to the next level.

What is combination skin?

Combination skin has some oily patches and some dry patches. Many people with combination skin get excess oil in their T-zone, while their cheeks and chin remain drier. Some people with combination skin also struggle with other skin concerns, such as acne and breakouts, dullness, uneven skin texture, sensitive skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and dark spots. It can be tough to find products for combo skin that work for both the oily t-zone and the rest of the face while treating these other skin concerns. Many products are meant for either dry skin or oily skin, not combination skin.

Some people use one product for their oily areas and another for their dry areas. Other people don’t want to deal with duplicate products, so they only choose one product that only works for certain areas of their face and just deal with it. However, at Lancer Skincare, we don’t believe that you should have to compromise if you have combination skin! That’s why we designed an entire skincare line specifically for combination skin.

Combination skincare from Lancer

We formulated all of our skincare for combination skin products with ingredients that are designed to treat these concerns. For example, our lightly foaming cleanser is rich in rice protein, aloe extract, and salicylic acid so that it soothes as it cleanses. Meanwhile, our Polish for normal-combination skin contains both pumpkin and pomegranate enzymes for gentle yet effective exfoliation. And our Nourish moisturizer combines peptides and hyaluronic acid with avocado and olive fruit oils for hydration that won’t clog pores.

At Lancer Skincare, we also offer a variety of other skincare products for combination skin to supercharge your routine. Be sure to pick up one of our SPF 30 anti aging sunscreen to use in the morning, and consider grabbing the Caviar Lime Acid Peel for even more effective exfoliation. If you struggle with acne in addition to combination skin, grab our sulfur spot treatment to dry out blemishes overnight.

What to look for in combination skincare

A face wash is the first essential step to any combination skincare routine. Look for a gel cleanser that will wash away impurities and leave your skin feeling clean and oil-free, not dry and flaky. Cleansing is one of the most important steps for oil control, so seek out a cleanser that is gentle yet effective — like the Lancer normal-combination face wash.

After you’ve rinsed off your gentle cleanser, you should also exfoliate at least several times a week to remove dead skin cells, which will help to even out skin tone and texture and have a brightening effect on your entire face. If you have acne-prone skin in addition to combination skin, look for scrubs that feature ingredients like BHA and glycolic acid that will help clear out your pores to reduce blemishes over time.

Next, you’ll want to apply a non-comedogenic lotion that will leave your oily areas matte while nourishing the dry patches on your face and supporting skin barrier health. Many people with oily skin enjoy a light water cream that reduces oil production and soaks into the skin quickly, similar to our Normal-Combination lotion. It features squalane and glycerin to nourish and protect the skin without creating more sebum.

You can supercharge your combination skincare routine by adding on various other treatments offered by Lancer. Choose an eye cream to smooth out fine wrinkles or try out a face mask once a week to deeply hydrate your skin. Try incorporating vitamin C to brighten your skin or retinol to improve skin cell turnover.

Just like all Lancer Skincare products, our skincare for combination skin comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can shop with confidence. Even better, all U.S. orders ship for free, no order minimum needed, so you will get your items safely.

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