Masks & Peels

Brighten, plump, hydrate and detox your skin with Lancer Skincare's award-winning assortment of Masks & Peels. Choose between a variety of masking options including quick 15-minute applications, a sheet mask, targeted spot solutions, and overnight treatments. Using the right mask for your skin type and skin concern is the ideal way to add to the benefits of The Lancer Method. Explore masks and peels for anti-aging, hydration, acne, pore size, hyperpigmentation, and texture & tone to enhance your Lancer Glow.
  1. Caviar Lime Acid Peel
    Caviar Lime Acid Peel
    with 10% Glycolic Acid + 10% Phytic Acid + Retinol
  2. save20
    The Award-Winning Collection
  3. save20
    The Premium Award-Winning Collection
  4. Nourish Rehydration Mask
    Nourish Rehydration Mask
    with Bio-Peptide + Vitamin B3
  5. Clarifying Detox Mask
    Clarifying Detox Mask
    with Green Tea + 3% Sulfur
  6. Radiance Awakening Mask Intense
  7. Younger Revealing Mask Intense
    Younger Revealing Mask Intense
    Retinoid-Powered Magnetic Facial
  8. Lift and Plump Sheet Mask
    Lift & Plump Sheet Mask
    Vegan Stem Cell Complex
  9. Younger® Revealing Mask Intense Single Mask
    Younger® Revealing Mask Intense Single Mask
    Retinoid-Powered Magnetic Facial
  10. Younger® Revealing Mask Intense Refill
    Younger® Revealing Mask Intense Refill
    Retinoid-Powered Magnetic Facial
  11. new
    Gentle Exfoliating Peel Pads
    Gentle Exfoliating Peel Pads
    with 7% Lactic Acid + Bakuchiol
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