Reasons Why Lip Care Is Essential

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Even people with elaborate skincare routines can forget about their lips — but proper lip care is essential to maintain the health and beauty of your lips. The skin on your lips is quite delicate, and it’s exposed to a lot of stressors through eating, drinking and the weather. This is why so many people struggle with chapped, dry and peeling lips, not just during the winter but throughout the year.

Having a lip care routine is essential for creating the best skincare routine overall. Taking good care of your lips will help to keep them soft, plump and hydrated. It will also help to protect your lips from getting dry and chapped, which can compromise your skin and lead to cracks and scabs. By following a preventative lip care routine, you won’t suddenly find yourself scrambling to heal your cracked lips before a big event. Instead, you’ll enjoy having happy and healthy lips year-round. Here are the steps that you should follow to create a lip care routine!

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How to Create a Lip Care Routine

For starters, you should be cleaning your lips every time you wash your face. If you wear cosmetics products like lipstick or lip gloss, then apply your makeup remover to your lips as well as the rest of your face. Follow it up with a gentle facial cleanser to remove any last traces of dirt and debris. You should apply a lightweight lip balm throughout the day, especially after eating and drinking. This will make a big difference to cracked lips and help prevent your lips from becoming so chapped. 

Since your lips also need to be protected from the sun, just like the rest of your face, you should choose a daily lip balm that has SPF protection and apply it liberally whenever you are exposed to the sun, just like you would any anti-aging sunscreen. You should also wear a lip mask at night to prevent moisture loss and encourage your lips to heal from the stresses of the day. Lip masks are heavier and more nourishing than a typical lip balm, which is why most people wear them only at night.

Volume Enhancing Lip Serum

For added results, you can incorporate a lip serum into your routine such as the Lancer Volume Enhancing Lip Serum. These lip serums are typically designed to have a plumping and smoothing effect, making your lips look more full, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and defining your lip contours. You can use a serum in place of your lip balm or wear it under a lip mask at night if you want to wake up with plump lips. If you get flaky or peeling lips, then they might benefit from some occasional light exfoliation a few times a week. The key here is choosing very gentle exfoliation instead of a harsh scrub or super-strong chemical exfoliator. You can buy one at the beauty store or make your own at home using sugar and honey if you’re in a DIY mood.

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Other Lifestyle Tips for Healthy Lips

Beyond just wearing SPF lip balm, you should also protect your face by wearing a broad-brimmed hat that covers the lower half of your face in shadow. Seek shade whenever you are outside and try to avoid the sun when the rays are at their strongest, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. each day. If you are going outside in the winter, use a scarf to cover your mouth to protect your lips from the wind and snow. Using a humidifier when you sleep at night will put water back into the air and soothe all kinds of chapped skin, including your lips.

To hydrate your lips from the inside out, be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. After eating food or drinking flavored beverages, you should also wipe your lips clean so that no lingering particles can potentially cause irritation. Try to avoid licking or touching your lips, especially if they are already cracked or scabbed, as this behavior will only aggravate them.

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