Skincare Spotlight: Everything You Need to Know About Christina Ricci’s Skincare Routine

Skincare Spotlight Everything You Need to Know About Christina Riccis Skincare Routine
In case you missed it, we recently announced a partnership with Christina Ricci! The Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated actor has been hitting the awards circuit recently and relies on Lancer Skincare products to help her get ready for red-carpet walks and award ceremonies.“I am a big fan of Dr. Lancer and visit his clinic every chance I get,” Ricci said. “When I can’t make it to his Beverly Hills office, I will turn to my favorite Lancer Skincare products at home to get ready for all of my big events. Some of my favorites are The Method for face and body plus the Advanced Retinol Treatment.”

Want to get beautiful skin like Christina’s in the comfort of your own home? Then you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up a dozen of the actor’s favorite Lancer Skincare products for the face and body. Here are Christina Ricci’s top skincare recommendations:

The Method: Polish

Christina starts her routine with The Method Polish, which provides gentle exfoliation to smooth out the skin and create an even base for flawless makeup application. The normal-combination skin Polish features multiple ingredients for effective yet gentle exfoliation. Natural minerals like sodium and magnesium create uniform crystals that smooth away dead skin cells. Meanwhile, pumpkin and pomegranate enzymes naturally exfoliate the skin while promoting hydration and infusing it with vitamins for an invigorated complexion.

Use this exfoliator as the first step in your skincare routine for best results. Massage a dime-sized amount all over your face (being careful to avoid the eyes), leave on for about 30 seconds, and then rinse off to reveal your smooth complexion.

Skincare Routine Steps

The Method: Cleanse

The next step in Christina’s skincare routine is the Method Cleanse face wash, also for normal-combination skin. Christina loves this face wash because it cleanses her face without drying out her skin, so it stays hydrated and glowing. The face wash features rice protein to boost skin hydration and moisture, aloe extract to heal and soothe the skin, and salicylic acid to provide an extra boost of gentle exfoliation and blemish control.

To use this cleanser, your face and hands should be damp with water, but not dripping. Apply a small amount to your palms and work into a lather, and then rub it all over your face and neck. Once again, be careful to avoid the eye area! Rinse the cleanser away with lukewarm and pat your face dry to get it ready for the next step of the Method.

The Method: Nourish

The final step of the three-part Lancer Method is the Method Nourish moisturizer. Christina says that the normal combination one is especially great for daytime wear since it’s not too heavy and sits nicely beneath makeup. It contains peptides to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps firm, lift, and smooth skin. The Nourish moisturizer also includes hyaluronic acid to plump the skin and improve hydration, as well as avocado and olive fruit oils to boost moisture retention in the skin.

Using this cream is incredibly simple: Just take a small amount and gently rub it over your face. It’s safe to use around the eye area, too! For best results, we recommend applying the Nourish moisturizer to your neck and decolletage, as well, so that your skin is hydrated and glowing.

Eyes Wide Open Hydrogel Patches

If you saw Christina’s video on Instagram, then you know that she used these Eyes Wide Open Hydrogel patches to prep her skin for the Golden Globes! These eye patches treat puffy eyes, dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles around the eye area. They are packed full of beneficial ingredients, including vitamin B5 to moisturize and soften, peony root extract to brighten and protect, chamomile flower extract to soothe and generate, and centella asiatica extract to improve microcirculation and increase collagen production.

For proper adhesion, apply the eye patches to freshly clean, dry skin before applying any other leave-on products. The eye patches should be left on for 10-15 minutes so your skin can absorb the beneficial ingredients. After removing the eye patches, follow them up with the Nourish moisturizer or one of our eye creams for an extra boost of hydration.

Eyes Wide Open Hydrogel Patches

Lift & Plump Sheet Mask

If you want an all-over mask and not just an eye mask, then check out another product that Christina uses to prep for the red carpet, the Lift & Plump Sheet mask with vegan stem cell complex! It features two key anti-aging ingredients, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 and Apple Stem Cell Compounds, to provide a more lifted appearance. Sodium hyaluronate improves hydration and suppleness, while rose water offers anti-inflammatory benefits and maintains the skin’s pH balance.

Similar to the eye masks, the sheet mask should be applied to freshly clean, dry skin before applying any other leave-on products. Gently remove and discard the plastic layer and smooth over your face. After leaving on for 10-15 minutes, peel off the mask and discard. Lightly pat any residual serum into your skin — don’t rinse your skin, or you’ll wash away those beneficial ingredients.

Advanced Retinol Treatment

The Advanced Retinol Treatment is another one of Christina’s favorite products. Retinol encourages the products of collagen and elastin in the skin, which helps to prevent signs of premature aging and smooth out the appearance of existing lines and wrinkles.

This treatment features our CoRetinol technology, which is a powerful blend of 1.25% Retinol, Bakuchiol, and a Soy Complex. It also incorporates marine-sourced hydrolyzed collagen to further hydrate the skin and improve moisture. Meanwhile, squalane helps to soften and condition the skin to improve elasticity. Finally, prickly pear extract — which is rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, magnesium, and iron — improves the look of redness and hydration.

The Lancer Advanced Retinol Treatment should only be used at night, since it makes the skin sensitive to the sun. Apply no more than two pumps to the skin in a thin layer; applying more may result in irritation. You may wish to use it every other night to start off until your skin adjusts. Be sure to use sunscreen and limit sun exposure during the day to minimize the risk of irritation.

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Caviar Acid Lime Peel

If you’re in need of some serious exfoliation before a big event, then Christina recommends the Caviar Acid Lime Peel. This powerful product features 10% glycolic acid and 10% phytic acid to quickly resurface the skin. Caviar Lime Extract, papaya enzymes, and pineapple enzymes increase the exfoliation even more.

Because of the high concentration of ingredients, this peel should only be left on the skin for 10-15 minutes max. Avoid the eyes, lips, and broken skin when applying the product to your face. You may experience a mild tingle as the product begins to work. After the 10-15 minutes are up, rinse your face and pat it dry.

Dani Glowing Skin Perfector

You may have seen on Instagram that Christina used this product to get ready for the Critic’s Choice Awards! Named after Dr. Lancer’s wife, the Dani Glowing Skin Perfector is an innovative illuminating skin finisher that instantly makes your skin glow. The lightweight cream features micro-fine, light-catching mineral highlighters to create a lit-from-within glow. It also incorporates an Asian botanical blend of Evodia Fruit and Buchu Leaf Extracts to help maintain even skin tone and luminosity.

The Dani Glowing Skin Perfector can be applied to the high points of the face before or after makeup application. It can also be blended with foundation to create an all-over glow if you prefer a more diffuse look.

The Method Body Polish

If you’ve seen Christina on the red carpet, then you know that she glows from head to toe. This is because she uses our Method Body set, starting with the exfoliating Polish! The Method Body Polish combines chemical and physical exfoliants to smooth out your entire body. Salicylic acid, ascorbic acid, and retinol break down dead skin cells while quartz crystals and bamboo powder sweep them away. Shea butter nourishes the skin as it’s being polished to ensure that it doesn’t dry out.

The Method Body Cleanse

After she’s done exfoliating, Christina uses the Method Body Cleanse to wash her skin without drying it out. This unique gel-to-cream delivers a luxurious shower experience, thanks to watermelon seed oil, which cleanses the skin without stripping away essential oils. Meanwhile, Kigelia Fruit Extract and Marula Oil provide a silky texture to assist with shaving while glycolic and salicylic acids rinse away any remaining dead skin cells.

The Method Body Nourish

Christina finishes up her body care routine with the Method Body Nourish. This moisturizer features a proprietary skin moisturizing compound called Hylaplex® that combines a cross-linked form of hyaluronic acid with peptides and phytocompounds. This unique formula helps to plump skin’s appearance and provide long-lasting moisturization. For best results, apply to slightly damp skin to lock in moisture.

Red Carpet Ready Set

Red Carpet Ready Set

Want to sample not one, not two, but seven of Christina’s favorite Lancer Skincare products? Then grab the Red Carpet Ready set! In addition to many of the products we have already talked about, it also includes a deluxe sample bottle of Omega Hydrating Oil with Ferment Complex. This lightweight balancing oil features polyphenols and antioxidants to promote a softer, healthier-looking complexion for all skin types. The eight items included in this set are:

  • The Method: Polish
  • The Method: Cleanse
  • The Method: Nourish
  • Caviar Lime Acid Peel
  • Lift & Plump Sheet Mask
  • Omega Hydrating Oil
  • Dani Glowing Skin Perfector
  • TSA-approved travel bag

If you’re just looking to try the core Method products that Christina uses, then grab The Method set for normal-combination skin. And if you want the complete collection of body products that she recommends, The Method: Body Set is the best way to buy them! All Lancer Skincare products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can buy with confidence. All orders within the U.S. also ship for free, so you don’t have to worry about hitting a minimum. Order today to try out Christina Ricci’s favorite skincare products!

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