The Method: Polish Bonus Size
The Method: Polish Bonus Size
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The Method: Polish
The Method: Polish Blemish Control
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Polishes for Deep Exfoliation

Polishing—or providing deep face exfoliation—with face scrubs energizes and resurfaces the skin to gently but effectively remove dead skin cells and surface debris. The first and key step in The Lancer Method, Lancer Polish is available in several formulations for normal skin, sensitive skin, and blemish prone skin to provide deep exfoliation for different skin types.


The physical exfoliator in our Polishes targets the epidermis, or top layer of the skin, signaling a cascade of reparative action down to the dermis, where Polish can work in tandem with the rest of the Lancer Method products. Together, this skincare system reinvigorates skin’s intrinsic regenerative system. Lancer exfoliator is infused with pure minerals, like quartz and sodium bicarbonate crystals, for an anti-aging exfoliator that doesn’t abrade the skin. Dead surfaces cells are sloughed off with the help of chemical exfoliator ingredients, like pumpkin and pomegranate extracts, that prepare skin for additional treatments. Using a daily face exfoliator promotes natural cell turnover, which slows significantly as we age. Using a deep exfoliating wash every day stimulates your skin cells to regenerate to help produce younger-looking skin.

Best Anti-Aging Exfoliant & Face Scrubs

Our Polishes provide deep exfoliation for a uniform tone and texture and a rosy Lancer Glow. Lancer face scrubs are an excellent exfoliator for dark spots, as well as providing exfoliation for hyperpigmentation. Because Polish encourages the cell renewal cycle, our anti-aging exfoliator helps minimize the signs of aging while preparing the skin for the active ingredients in the Cleanse and Nourish steps.


Allow the warming element and the lavender scent to invigorate your skin while achieving deep face exfoliation for skin that is renewed, revitalized, and radiant. For the very best results, use Dr. Lancer Polish in the shower where the warm water and steam can assist in opening your pores for the ultimate in deep exfoliation. Start your day by perking up your skin with our face scrubs today and begin your journey to a fresher, younger-looking you!