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The Method: Polish
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The Method: Polish Bonus Size
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Polishing (or exfoliating) is a skin energizer and the key to the Lancer Method. Our Polishes are available as skin polish via our Body Polish or face polish available for many skin types.

As the first step in The Method, our Polishes target the epidermis, or top layer of the skin, signaling a cascade of reparative action down to the dermis, where our products can work in tandem to skin’s intrinsic regenerative system. Polishes are infused with pure minerals, like quartz and sodium bicarbonate crystals, to create even exfoliation without abrading the skin. Dead surfaces cells are sloughed off with pumpkin and pomegranate extracts that prepare skin for additional treatments. Daily polishing promotes natural cell turnover, which slows as we age. By polishing every day, your skin cells will know to produce new cells to help produce younger-looking skin.

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Our Polishes infuse the face with oxygen, which heals blemishes quickly and promotes a rosy Lancer Glow. Face Polishes can be used on your neck and shoulders, while our Body skin polish allows you to feel the warming sensation of zeolite, a natural mineral that increases blood flow and circulation throughout your entire body.

Skin must be stimulated to repair and rejuvenate itself, so why not begin with perking up your skin cells with our Polishes today, and begin your journey to a fresher, younger-looking you!