The Method: Polish Sensitive Skin
The Method: Cleanse Sensitive Skin
The Method: Nourish Sensitive Skin
Lift & Plump Sheet Mask
Lift and Plump Sheet Mask
Lift Serum Intense
Lift Serum Intense
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Intensive Night Treatment
Intensive Night Treatment
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Eye Contour Lifting Cream
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Sheer Fluid Sun Shield
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Makeup Removing Wipes

Sensitive Skincare

Sensitive skin is prone to irritation and inflammation—it can be too dry or injured to protect its nerve endings, resulting in burning, itching, and stinging sensations, or it can stimulate nerve endings at the base of your pores to signal oil glands to produce more sebum, which can cause further inflammation. When you are creating your sensitive skincare regimen, you should look for sensitive skin products that have only a few ingredients listed in order to avoid any potential reactions. You should also keep your sensitive skincare routine simple, which is why I have created The Method for Sensitive Skin. By looking at the science behind skin cell regeneration, The Method: Sensitive Skin works to heal the skin while also getting it to feel and act fresher and younger.

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All of The Method: Sensitive Skin products are formulated with gentle ingredients and are fragrance-free. You’ll begin your sensitive skincare routine with our Polish, containing quartz and sodium bicarbonate crystals to deliver gentle exfoliation without abrading skin. The Method: Polish also contains powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients, like roman chamomile oil and ginger root extract, to smooth irritated skin while accelerating its natural cell turnover. It’s important to acclimate sensitive skin to new products, so we recommend using the Polish twice a week, and gradually increasing usage over time to once a day.

The next step in your sensitive skincare regimen is to use The Method: Cleanse, which sweeps skin clean of residual exfoliation debris while adjusting skin to the proper pH balance to ensure your skin absorbs nutrients. The Method: Cleanse is enriched with oat and licorice root extracts that act as anti-inflammatory agents while soothing any irritation. Make sure that you are using tepid water on your face, as sensitive skin can be aggravated by hot water.

After you cleanse your face, neck, and décolleté, you will treat your skin to The Method: Nourish that stimulates the healing process while also delivering potent anti-aging solutions. Avocado and olive oils help reduce inflammation while improving the skin’s barrier function, while oat, chamomile, and licorice extracts continue to soothe and calm sensitive skin. In order to lock in the precious hydration that sensitive skin needs, we recommend applying The Method: Nourish for Sensitive Skin while skin is still damp.

The Lancer Method is especially important for sensitive skin, as it will calm your skin and reduce inflammation while providing the anti-aging nutrients you desire to look your best. Find your sensitive skincare products today—they’re one click away!