Sensitive Skincare

Sensitive skin is prone to irritation and tenderness. It can become too dry or injured to protect its nerve endings, resulting in burning, itching, and stinging sensations. This irritation can stimulate nerve endings at the base of your pores to signal oil glands to produce more sebum, potentially causing additional sensitivity. When you are creating your sensitive skin care regimen, look for sensitive skin products that have only a few ingredients listed in order to help avoid potential reactions. It’s best to keep your sensitive skin care routine simple, which is why Dr. Harold Lancer has created The Method for Sensitive Skin. By looking at the science behind skin cell regeneration, The Method: Sensitive Skin works to refresh the skin with specially developed skincare for sensitive skin. These sensitive skin products work by rejuvenating the skin to make it feel and act fresher and younger.

Best Sensitive Skin Care Products

Created to be the best skincare, sensitive skin moisturizer by Lancer provides luxurious a experience and supreme skincare while still catering to sensitive skin’s needs. The Method: Sensitive Skin products are fragrance-free and formulated with gentle ingredients so they don’t irritate tender skin. You’ll begin your sensitive skin care routine with our Polish, containing quartz and sodium bicarbonate crystals to deliver gentle exfoliation without abrading skin. The Method: Polish also contains powerful ingredients, like roman chamomile oil and ginger root extract, to reduce redness and smooth irritated skin while helping to encourage natural cell turnover. It’s important to slowly acclimate sensitive skin to new products to avoid adverse reactions, even when you’re using skin care products created for sensitive skin. As such, we recommend using the Polish twice a week to start, and gradually increasing usage over time to once a day.

The next step in effective skin care for sensitive skin is to use The Method: Cleanse. This sensitive skin care cleanser sweeps skin clean of dirt, oil, and residual exfoliation debris while adjusting skin to the proper pH balance to ensure your skin absorbs nutrients. The Method: Cleanse is enriched with oat and licorice root extracts that act as calming agents, cleansing gently while soothing any irritation. Make sure you use tepid water on your face while cleansing, as sensitive skin can be aggravated by hot water.

After you cleanse your face, neck, and décolleté, you’ll treat your skin to The Method: Nourish. This moisturizer for sensitive skin promotes the skin’s natural healing process while delivering potent anti-aging solutions. Avocado and olive oils help reduce irritation while improving the skin’s barrier function. The oat, chamomile, and licorice extracts in this nourishing moisturizer for sensitive skin continue to soothe and calm tender skin. In order to lock in the precious hydration that sensitive skin needs, we recommend applying The Method: Nourish for Sensitive Skin while skin is still damp, ensuring your skin is left moisturized and glowing.

The Lancer Method: Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin requires gentle, soothing products to feel comfortable and look its best. The Lancer Method’s polish, cleanser, and moisturizer for sensitive skin are specially made for skin that is easily irritated. The gentle ingredients used in each step make these the best skincare products for sensitive skin. Each step of The Lancer Method will calm and alleviate skin irritation while providing anti-aging nutrients to help you look fresh and radiant. Start using the best products for sensitive skin and enjoy skin that looks younger and feels calmer. Find your best sensitive skin care products today—they’re just one click away!

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    The Method 3-Step Set - Sensitive-Dehydrated Skin
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    Hydration Rescue 3-Piece Set
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  6. Active Rejuvenation Serum
    Active Rejuvenation Serum
    with Triple Dermal Complex
  7. Nourish Rehydration Mask
    Nourish Rehydration Mask
    with Bio-Peptide + Vitamin B3
  8. Corrective Lightening Treatment
  9. Soothe & Hydrate Serum
    Soothe & Hydrate Serum
    with Hyaluronic Acid
  10. Omega Hydrating Oil with Ferment Complex
    Omega Hydrating Oil
    with Ferment Complex
  11. Lift and Plump Sheet Mask
    Lift & Plump Sheet Mask
    Vegan Stem Cell Complex
  12. Eye Contour Lifting Cream
    Eye Contour Lifting Cream
    with Diamond Powder
  13. Intensive Night Treatment
    Intensive Night Treatment
    with Hylaplex® and Marula Oil
  14. Sheer Fluid Sun Shield
    Sheer Fluid Sun Shield
    Broad Spectrum SPF30 Sunscreen
  15. Contour Décolleté
    Contour Décolleté
    Firming Concentrate
  16. 3D Hyaluronic Eye Serum
    3D Hyaluronic Eye Serum
    with Vitamin C Brightening Complex
  17. Younger Pure Youth Serum
  18. Advanced C Radiance Cream
    Advanced C Radiance Treatment
    with 10% Vitamin C + Retinol
  19. Lift Serum Intense
    Lift Serum Intense
    with Stem Cell Complex
  20. Lancer Legacy™ Youth Treatment
    Legacy™ Youth Treatment
    Lancer Legacy™ Youth Treatment
  21. Lancer Legacy Eye Treatment Duo
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  24. The Method: Body Nourish
    The Method: Body Nourish
    with Hylaplex® and 10% Glycolic Acid
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  25. Radiance Awakening Mask Intense
  26. Retexturizing Treatment
    Retexturizing Treatment
    with 10% Glycolic Acid
  27. Younger® Revealing Mask Intense Single Mask
    Younger® Revealing Mask Intense Single Mask
    Retinoid-Powered Magnetic Facial
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