Why Dr. Lancer is the Premier Beverly Hills Dermatologist

Why Dr. Lancer is the Premier Beverly Hills Dermatologist
Why Dr. Lancer is the Premier Beverly Hills Dermatologist

Beverly Hills boasts the best of the best. So to be the best Dermatologist in Beverly Hills is provider no easy task. In the Los Angeles area, clients like successful business owners, figures in the entertainment industry, and celebrities, expect the most premium of care and pampering. This means that only a dermatologist with years of experience and a genuine passion for giving his patients the best possible care, attention, and results would be considered the best of the best. Dr. Harold Lancer first established his private practice in Beverly Hills in 1983, and today he treats over 30,000 patients from every corner of the world. While A-listers may explicit trust Dr. Lancer for their Beverly Hills skincare, he’s also committed to making his products and procedures accessible to anyone who wants better, healthier, younger-looking skin.

Everybody wants dewy, glowing skin like Victoria Beckham and Brie Larson, and fittingly, glowing skin requires the absolute best in Beverly Hills skincare and dermatology. Being the premier Beverly Hills and Hollywood dermatologist means offering only the best and latest state-of-the-art technology, products, and medical aesthetic solutions. Dr. Lancer prides himself on his top-to-bottom approach to anti-aging, stressing high-quality products over procedures, and a light touch for a more holistic, natural and non-surgical approach to caring for the skin.

A Passion for Skincare

Why Dr. Lancer is the Premier Beverly Hills Dermatologist
Why Dr. Lancer is the Premier Beverly Hills Dermatologist

Like many medical specialists, Dr. Lancer was drawn to becoming the leading Beverly Hills skincare provider from his own experience. At just seven years old, he survived massive burns over 10% of his body. While playing catch in his family’s unheated basement with his brother, he slipped into a vat of steaming water. Luckily, he was wearing a snowsuit at the time, and it not been for that snowsuit, the damage could have been much worse.

Still, the burns were intense and his family did not live near a hospital. At the time, there wasn’t a burn unit or even a dermatologist in the entire city. Acting quickly, his mother reached for traditional remedies that had been passed down to her. Crafting homemade “sheets” to soothe the burns, it was her fast thinking (and knowledge) that aided in his healing.

The family’s physician later helped to clean the wounds and ensure that they healed properly. Watching his physician and his mother work to repair and heal his skin, inspired the future doctor to pursue dermatology. With almost no supplies, these two key adults in his life came up with a way of healing skin that was natural, pain-free, and of course very economical. At the time, no one realized the impact this would have on a boy destined to become the leading Beverly Hills skincare expert.

The Signs of an Expert

Why Dr. Lancer is the Premier Beverly Hills Dermatologist
Why Dr. Lancer is the Premier Beverly Hills Dermatologist

Throughout his youth, Dr. Lancer concocted skin creams and lotions, which he “tested” on his sister (patients need not worry—none of those products made it onto the shelves!). However, Dr. Lancer’s dedication to experimenting, testing, and finding the absolute best solutions to offer his patients have remained. After completing medical school and specializing in dermatology, he established the foundation necessary to not just become a great dermatologist, but the great dermatologist he is today in one of the biggest, most demanding cities in the world.

By far, Dr. Lancer’s most renowned creation is The Lancer Method®. Available in three versions for different skin types (original, sensitive skin, and acne-prone), this simple 3-step Method includes The Method: Polish, The Method: Cleanse, and The Method: Nourish. It’s the basis for all great skincare regimens, and you can boost the results it delivers with the Lancer Skincare sunscreen, serums, and treatments to create the ultimate Beverly Hills skincare routine. Oprah has celebrated The Lancer Method as one of her “Favorite Things”, and Ellen DeGeneres gave away the product line to her audience members in 2012.

The Making of a Great Dermatologist

Loving what you do is key to not just being happy in your career and life, but being the best at it. Dr. Lancer became the top Beverly Hills skincare provider because of his vested interest in the importance of dermatology. He’s spent decades improving his practice, researching new options, and continues to offer the latest and greatest approaches to each of his clients. He’s provided an avenue to having A-list worthy skin without clients needing to be familiar with a red carpet. For many of his patients, Dr. Lancer has seemingly worked miracles from taming rosacea to reducing acne, age spots, and fine lines.

While Dr. Lancer set out to be the best cosmetic dermatologist and the top Beverly Hills skincare provider he possible could be — what is more impressive is that his colleagues and clients ultimately were the ones to bestowed that on him. Dr. Lancer has developed a throng of faithful followers around the globe who discovered firsthand that his products and procedures are incomparable. To discover more about Dr. Lancer’s products and practice, contact us today.


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