How to Soothe Irritated Skin Around My Eyes

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The skin around our eyes is very sensitive, and it’s very vulnerable to becoming itchy, red, and irritated — sometimes without cause, seemingly. If you are struggling with swelling, itchiness, and inflammation, here are eight things that you can do to soothe irritated skin around your eyes:

Wash the eye area.

To start, remove any contacts you are wearing and gently remove any sunscreen or cosmetic products using a makeup remover. Be careful not to rub or tug on the skin around the eye area too hard since it is already delicate and irritated. Follow it up with a gentle milk or cream cleanser to remove any last traces of potential irritants. Keep your eyes closed during this whole process so you do not get product in your eyes!

Apply a soothing eye serum.

Once your skin is clean, you want to apply skincare products for red irritated skin, ideally an eye cream that has specifically been formulated for the delicate eye area. Take a tiny amount of product and gently rub or pat it around your eyes using your fingertips, being careful not to get it into the eye itself. Ensure that all product is absorbed before moving on with the rest of your skincare routine.

Avoid potential irritants.

When you are experiencing irritated skin around your eyes, it’s important to avoid things that could potentially make it worse. This means avoiding the use of eye makeup, including eye liner, eye shadow, and mascara. If you wear contacts, consider switching to glasses for at least a few days to see if that helps your symptoms. And if you wear a chemical sunscreen, then you might want to switch to a mineral one. Chemical UV filters are more pleasant to wear, but they are known to irritate the eye area in some people.

Protect against sun exposure.

Speaking of sunscreen, you need to be extra vigilant about protecting irritated skin against sun exposure. Wear a quality anti aging sunscreen with protection of at least SPF 30 and, ideally, higher. Reapply it every two hours, especially when you are outside, in the water, and/or sweating. Seek shade when possible and wear a wide-brimmed sun hat to protect your face even more. You should also wear large polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes and reduce the strain caused by the glare.

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Use Our 3-Step Skincare Method

Try cold or warm compresses.

Laying washcloths soaked in hot or cold water over your irritated eyes may be helpful for soothing them. Cold compresses are effective for swelling, which is why they’re also one of our favorite treatments for how to get rid of puffy eyes fast. Meanwhile, warm compresses are soothing for achy, tired eyes that are dried out or crusty. Some people also like to alternate between the two so they get the benefits of both hot and cold therapy.

Use a humidifier for dry skin.

If you live in a dry climate, the lack of humidity in the air might be contributing to the irritation around your eyes. Humidifiers are helpful for treating this because they put moisture back into the air, soothing your skin without even touching it. Try getting a small humidifier for your bedroom and running it while you sleep to see if that soothes your skin.

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Treat underlying causes.

There are many potential underlying causes of irritated skin around your eyes, including allergies, eczema, and dermatitis. In these cases, it is important to treat the underlying causes; otherwise, symptoms such as irritated skin will continue to occur. If removing potential irritants from your cosmetic routine hasn’t alleviated the irritation, start exploring other possible causes that might be the true culprit behind your irritated eyes.

See a doctor if necessary.

If you suspect that the irritated skin around your eyes is due to an underlying medical issue, then you might need to see a doctor ro resolve it, such as as your primary care physician, a dermatologist, or an optician. If you’re not sure exactly what the issue is, schedule an appointment with your primary care physician, and they can refer you to the appropriate doctor.

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