Tips on How to Hydrate Your Skin

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Tired of dry, dull skin that’s covered in flaky patches? Want to achieve a smooth, glowing complexion? Proper hydration is key to plum, youthful-looking skin. In this guide, we’ll cover nine essential tips on how to hydrate your skin no matter the season.

Choose a gentle cleanser.

Cleansing can be one of the most stripping parts of your 3-step skincare routine. If you’ve been using a gel or foaming cleanser, that could be contributing to your dry skin. Instead, switch to a gentle cream or milk cleanser that will remove residue without stripping your skin. If you wear cosmetics, be sure to use a gentle makeup remover as well, such as cleansing balm.

Use a hydrating serum.

Hydrating serums have a thicker texture than toners, making them more moisturizing. Look for a serum that contains hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides, and peptides. For a selection of Lancer Skincare’s hydrating serums, check out our page of skincare products for dry sensitive skin.

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Apply a moisturizer frequently.

Even if you have oily skin, you should still be applying a moisturizer every time you wash or rinse your face — and you should definitely be using an anti-aging moisturizer if you struggle with dry skin. Moisturizers strengthen your skin barrier and help to prevent moisture loss by forming a protective layer on your skin. Look for ingredients such as urea, panthenol, and petrolatum that will help to keep your skin moisturized.

Stock Up on Sunscreen!

Wear sunscreen every day.

Sun exposure will dry out your skin and accelerate the signs of visible aging. To help prevent this, wear quality sunscreen every day with a protection of at least SPF 30. When going outside, protect your face with a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. Seek out shade and try to avoid being in direct sunlight, especially when the sun is brightest between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. every day.

Consider using a facial oil.

If you have very dry skin, then you might want to consider using a facial oil at night. The facial oil can be applied directly on top of your moisturizer to form an occlusive barrier. You can also mix a couple of drops into your moisturizer before applying it if you prefer not to apply a layer of oil over your face. It’s best to do this at night only since a facial oil might cause your sunscreen to break down.

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Get a humidifier.

If you live in a dry climate, the lack of humidity in the air can cause the environment to pull moisture out of your skin. You might benefit from getting a humidifier for your bedroom and running it at night to put some moisture back in the air. If you live somewhere very dry, you might also need to get one for your office that you can run during the daytime too. For more reasons that might explain “Why is my skin so dry even when I moisturize?” check out our blog post on this very subject.

Drink enough water.

If your skin is dry, you need to make sure that you’re hydrating it from the inside out as well as the outside in. To that end, you might want to consider tracking how much water you’re drinking each day. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, try drinking herbal tea or infusing it with fruits and vegetables to give it flavor. Watch out for caffeine and alcohol, which can have a dehydrating effect on your body.

Take short, lukewarm showers.

We love a long, hot shower as much as the next person, but unfortunately that is very dehydrating for your skin. Instead, turn the water to a lukewarm temperature and try to keep your showers as short as possible. Also try to avoid soaking in baths for long periods of time, which will dry out your skin further.

At Lancer Skincare, we offer a wide range of products to help keep skin hydrated, including gentle cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and sunscreens. All of our products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and all orders ship for free within the U.S., no order minimum needed.