Machine-Based Dermatology Treatments You May Know About and Love

Machine-Based Dermatology Treatments You May Know About and Love
Machine-Based Dermatology Treatments You May Know About and Love

When it comes to machine-based dermatology treatments, the most common machine that comes to mind is one with a laser. Laser removal has become the preferred treatment when it comes to making unwanted tattoos, hair, or veins disappear, and has expanded further into treating (and removing) stretch marks and scars. In fact, you can see how Dr. Lancer used a laser to soften and remove a scar from The Oprah Network’s “Livin’ Lozada” star Evelyn Lozada’s forehead.

Machine-based dermatology has allowed many clients to address longstanding skin concerns without dealing with long recovery times. This is because laser technology—and machine-based dermatology overall—has allowed dermatologists to offer more services while being as minimally invasive as possible.

Because machine-based dermatology allows for such a quick recovery time, clients can schedule their treatments and expect to be out of the office quickly without having to worry about what they look like after treatment. Some procedures, such as those involving a laser, may require multiple visits in order to successfully treat the concern. This is why it is important to receive machine-based dermatology treatments—and any skin treatment, really—with your dermatologist versus going to a medi-spa. Medi-spas are known for their quick turnaround times, whether it’s for Botox or laser hair removal, but one should be cautious of them, especially when it comes to machine-based treatments. Machines have to be set for frequency, energy, fluence, power, penetration, beam configuration, depth of penetration, and diameter of the laser beam, so you need a specialist who knows how to set up the equipment in the right way for your skin. At Lancer Skincare, all of our aestheticians have worked alongside Dr. Lancer, and Dr. Lancer is always in the office, meaning you can trust the hands operating the machine.

Here is an offering of some of the machine-based treatments we offer at Lancer Dermatology, our clinic where we provide expert skincare with a personal touch:

Laser Fractionated Restoration

If you’re concerned about your skin tone, wrinkles, or spots like age spots, sunspots, pigmentation, and scarring, this is the treatment for you. Laser Fractionated Restoration directs closely spaced, microscopic beams to the trouble spots while preserving healthy skin. This results in minimal discomfort since specific areas of the skin are targeted, and you’ll be out of our office and back to work after a 45-minute session. To achieve optimal results, expect to receive treatment about once a month for four to five months.


When it comes to using state-of-the-art, innovative technology, you can expect Dr. Lancer to be at the forefront of machine-based dermatology. Dr. Lancer was the first dermatologist in the U.S. to offer the Picoway, a dual wavelength laser that quickly transmits the laser to the tissue in order to break up pigments more effectively. This process causes the body’s self-repair mechanisms to be triggered, resulting in skin healing itself back to normal pigmentation.


Do you notice that, generally, you appear tired? This could be because of brow sagging or excess skin around your eyelids. Outside of using the Lancer Method and our Eye Contour Lifting Cream to increase your collagen and elastin production (which keeps skin firm), we recommend treating yourself to some ultherapy via our ulthera machine. You may be familiar with ultrasounds, as they are commonly used during pregnancy or other examinations. Ultherapy utilizes ultrasound energy to lift skin tissue without disrupting the skin’s surface layer.

Machine-Based Dermatology Treatments You May Know About and Love - Eye Lifting Contour Cream
Machine-Based Dermatology Treatments You May Know About and Love – Eye Contour Lifting Cream

Venus Freeze

One of skin’s natural healing responses is the production of collagen, which allows for skin to look and feel taut. The Venus Freeze stimulates collagen production by using the (MP)2, a machine that combines radio frequency and magnetic pulses to cause a thermal response in skin tissue, which addresses wrinkle reduction, cellulite reduction, and (of course) tightens skin.

Venus Viva

The Venus Viva treatment uses another machine that Dr. Lancer is the first dermatologist to use! The NanoFractional Radio Frequency machine distributes dermal heating in order to achieve immediate, long-term results when it comes to skin tone issues, like pore size and textural irregularities, skin elasticity, and wrinkle reduction.

These are only a few of the many treatments available to Lancer Skincare clients. Find out what else we offer at our Lancer Dermatology clinic by calling our office at 310.278.8444 today!


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