Retinol: Your Must-Have Ingredient for Younger-Looking Skin

We tend to ask a lot from our anti-aging skin-care products. We want to minimize the look of wrinkles and fine lines, reduce the appearance of pores and create a smoother texture on the surface of our skin. We want a supple and firm looking complexion. If it seems impossible for one ingredient to work wonders on all these skin issues, then you haven’t tried retinol. This vitamin A derivative is famed for its anti-aging properties, and because it’s being incorporated into many kinds of products, it’s easier than ever to make retinol the star of your skin care regimen.

How to Use Retinol

The ideal retinol treatment should be powerful enough so that you see noticeable results, advanced retinol treatment for younger skinbut formulated with other key ingredients that support your skin’s appearance and offer complementary benefits.  Advanced Retinol Treatment by Lancer® Skincare contains a potent 1.25% retinol (the highest concentration of retinol currently on the market is 2%) and the proprietary CoRetinol Technology. Plus, there is the plant-derived Bakuchiol, which mimics the effects of retinol for added effectiveness. The Advanced Retinol Treatment also features antioxidants to nurture your complexion as well as collagen and prickly pear extract to hydrate the surface of the skin. Your complexion will feel smooth and toned, and the appearance of lines will be diminished—you will look and feel renewed.

This is a powerhouse night serum with retinol—evening products are always preferable to use because retinol calls for limited sun exposure and you should always wear protective clothing and sunscreen. When applying this retinol night serum, a little goes a long way—just gently massage one to two pumps of Advanced Retinol Treatment to dry, clean skin. If you’re new to retinol, or if you experience mild redness or irritation, limit use to every other night as your skin adjusts to the product. When storing your retinol treatment, keep it away from light as that can cause the ingredient to lose its potency.

With consistent, regular use, retinol can improve the appearance of your skin. Your complexion will look recharged with a lit-from-within luster, and skin issues such as dry patches, uneven tone, clogged pores and fine lines will appear to be minimized. With all these incredible benefits, it’s easy to see why retinol should be a must-have for gorgeous, glowing skin.